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Fifth and Main is a great serial drama

Updated on April 27, 2016
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Alicia has been an Author, Columnist, and Reviewer for 8 years. Her success came from perseverance plus organized goal setting.

Top of Fifth and Main's home page.
Top of Fifth and Main's home page. | Source

Fifth and Main is a serial drama where the pilot begins a fantastic listening adventure in a bookstore. Definitely my favorite place! The main story-line of the pilot is about ordinary people of different vocations meeting up at a bookstore. They have faith and friendship in common. Even though this could be a real occurrence, the fiction is handled perfectly; captivates the listener. This drama serial's pilot is amazing! The narrator and creator, Martin Bowman, excellently weaves in storyteller fashion a believable tale. As listener, I did not feel the time spent fly and realized I was hooked, ready for the next episode.

Martin Bowman as lead of the team is part of the script-writing and production aspects. His team definitely has delivered a dynamic listening experience. Greg Bowman and Alexi Lovejoy are also on this great team, have contributed in the script-writing and production work on Fifth and Main's episodes. This magnificent team effort has gifted something extra special in the Drama genre.

In the First Season episodes, the Odinist characters are excellently portrayed in modern settings which gifts an updated view to an ancient faith currently known as Odinism. Fifth and Main stands alone. This audio series is exceptional because it is "made by Odinists," who wanted to make something for their faith-community that was pro Odinism. This does not mean one has to be an Odinist to appreciate Fifth and Main. It is a refreshing fictionalized portrayal of what being an Odinist is like. Even though their website claims Fifth and Main is for Odinists, all are welcome. This drama serial can be enjoyed by just about anyone.

This audio-format series shares wholesome entertainment with multiple intertwining delightful modern plots, twists and subplots. This program shares the importance of faith, family and friendship. The main characters are from different vocations and lifestyles who have their faith in common. Some characters already know each other, while others are introduced and befriend the group. Fifth and Main shares through the plots and subplots moments that can make one laugh, cry, or say "Oh my!" The catchphrases per episode are thought provoking. A favorite of mine is, "If we don't help each other, no one will."

Fifth and Main has not been rated, but most would, like I did, find it appropriate for a mature audience due to the subjects covered. Fifth and Main may not be something a parent would find suitable for a minor (17 years old and under). With it being a mental exercise where hearing and imagining is involved, it is recommended parents listen to the pilot and each episode first to make certain it is fitting, if deemed so please share Fifth and Main as a family fun listening activity. This way if children or teenagers have questions about what they have heard, the parents in the room can effectively discuss the pilot or episode with them. Parental guidance should be a consideration per episode.

Fifth and Main is sponsored by the Odinic Rite, The Odinist Institute and Black Sun Knives. Even though one has the ability to listen for free, this serial drama is also paid for through donations by individuals. To learn more about donating toward Fifth and Main please visit their website.

If you like shows with substance in a modern Drama setting, then give Fifth and Main a try. I am glad I did. Even though my preference is toward a lighter form of drama, I found this one irresistible from pilot forward. Those who are well versed in Indo-European Studies and Teutonic mythology might find this highly enjoyable. Like Norse Mythology or anything Viking, you could be positively surprised! Just a layperson who likes a good thought-out drama with not a lot of romance, give Fifth and Main a listen there is just about something for everybody in this including some manly man and strong women stuff. In reiteration, you do not have to be an Odinist to enjoy this delightful program. Fifth and Main is very mass appealing; mostly because it is wholesome thought provoking fun entertainment. I can hardly wait for more episodes to be released.


5 stars for Fifth and Main serial drama, audio-format

More about Fifth and Main:

Fifth and Main's pilot episode first aired on its website March 31, 2015. Season 1 Episode 14 titled Uncommon Valor was the 13th episode released. The pilot is regarded as the first episode, the one after it is Season 1 Episode 2 - Search and You shall See. The Season 1 Finale, Episode 15 was released April 17, 2016. This ended the first season excellently, well done! Season 1 Episode 15 skillfully gifted plenty regarding the story-line for an outstanding second season to be possible.

February 27, 2016 the Fifth and Main trailer became available for public viewing. With the purchase of a Fifth and Main T-shirt or Hoodie in their Teespring Campaign, you can be a part of making it possible for Fifth and Main's pilot and Season 1 to become video formatted. For more details and trailer viewing, please visit Fifth and Main's home page at

In Gratitude:

Special thanks to Martin Bowman, Greg Bowman and Alexi Lovejoy who worked diligently behind the scenes for Fifth and Main. Grateful for this team's efforts which gifted a true five stars entertainment audio experience. Appreciate the Fifth and Main team!

Further thanks to Martin Bowman for his permission to me so I could take the screenshot shown in this hub and write the review. All people mentioned in this hub gave permission for their names to be used. This reviewer is extremely grateful for all permissions given so this review could be published on HubPages.


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    • aliciaharrell profile image

      Alicia Rose Harrell 2 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      Thank you Matt! Appreciate your positive feedback. :D Wonderful day to YOU!

    • Matt Easterbrook5 profile image

      Matthew A Easterbrook 2 years ago from Oregon

      Sounds great Alicia I will have to watch it. Well written hub and very interesting to read. Keep up the great articles. Have a great day!