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Fifty Shades Darker Soundtrack: Favorite Tracks

Updated on February 9, 2018
Fifty Shades Darker OST
Fifty Shades Darker OST

Fifty Shades Darker

Besides the brilliant compositions of the series composer Danny Elfman, this article is going to focus on the lyrical tracks featured in the second entry of the series. Fifty Shades as a whole, is a kinky fairy tale with many twist, turns, handcuffs, and leather. Fifty Shades Darker continues the romance story that is Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. However, the film focuses and explores more of Christian's dark past. This article will not only serve as a set list but also as a mini guide, since I will be providing explanations as to how these tracks connect to the film. I hope you enjoy listening!

"No Running From Me" by Toulouse plays before the masquerade ball and when Anastasia and Christian is playing pool. I chose this track simply because of it's classic instrument use and fun sound. It's the perfect dance song. The lyrics reflect the film in the way of the singer warning his partner that they they will always be connected. Christian can't help but be near Anastasia. Even going to the lengths of changing his lifestyle and way of thinking in order to get Anastasia back after their breakup.

"Pray" by JRY (feat. Ruth-Anne "Rooty" Cunningham) plays during the scene with the spreader bar. The track is about the longing between two people and their intense sexual attraction. But, it is also about the unintentional hurt that happens during a relationship. I picked this track because the bass in the beginning is so hypnotizing and the vocals are nothing short of amazing. The lyrics are also spot on. Christian hurt Ana. But not intentionally, of course. However, given the nature of their relationship it can't be helped.

"Bom Bidi Bom" by Nicki Minaj and Nick Jonas plays while Christian and Ana are having sex during the masquerade ball. This song is about passionate love and being a "bad" girl. But, it's also about the fun making love brings. And extremely fun to listen to. Nick Jonas' vocals are perfect and Nicki's verses flow effortlessly. I also like how the song doesn't have a specific or special meaning, it's just boisterous and playful about the topic of sex.

"Not Afraid Anymore" by Halsey plays when Ana initiates the trip into the playroom. I picked this song for one reason: it shows the growth of Anastasia's Steele's character. Christian would always be the one to initiate the trips and Ana would sorta dread it. But, since returning from the breakup, Ana slowly built up the confidence in herself and her relationship to face the room head on. Now she's in control.

"Empty Pack of Cigarettes" by Joseph Angel plays during dinner after Christian and Anastasia is done in the playroom. The track is not only soothing but reminds me so much of that classic, sultry R&B sound. The singer's vocal range is also quite impressive and makes the track even more delightful. This song is about vulnerability. And in this movie, Christian is more vulnerable than he has ever been.

The final track in my set list is "Code Blue" by The Dream. The Dream is an incredible singer-songwriter and this song embodies Christian and Ana's relationship. By the ending of Fifty Shades of Grey it is clear that Ana was not ready for Christian's BDSM lifestyle. But, despite doing the right thing and leaving. She still felt miserable during and after the breakup. "Code Blue" is code for resuscitation. A lot of times that is exactly how heartbreak can feel like. And is definitely how Christian felt when he lost Ana.


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    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      2 years ago from Norfolk, England

      Sounds like there's some good tracks in this movie. I've seen Fifty Shades of Grey, but yet to see this film.


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