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Fifty and Counting

Updated on September 22, 2011

I was born in the fifties, although I was a child, my heart holds these memories of what once was..My dads big red buick I remember well, It must have been a 1948. Men and boys hair cuts such as Flat tops and crew cuts.Women with their bee hives and pony tails..poodle skirts, and penny loafers. The cost of a hair cut, around 50 cents.. Gas 20 cents per gallon.Can you imagine? A loaf of bread 5 cents. The music of the fifties were songs like Honey Comb, Kisses Sweeter Than Wine. Ricky Nelson and Jerry Lee Lewis were well known in almost every home.The beatles, love you ya ya.,with their long hair, a trend still here today..Then came Elvis Presley the father of Rock and Roll.. Not only did he introduce to the world,his own style of Rock N Roll, He taught the world how to shake it baby shake, while he shook the world wIth his music..TV shows like Red Skelton, Ed Sullivan Show . The Donna Reed Show etc entertained millions as they sat around the old black and white tv.. A much more quite and peaceful world,The fifties.


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