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Filipina Actress Alessandra de Rossi Photo Gallery and Videos

Updated on March 5, 2013

Fil-Italian actress Alessandra de Rossi

Who is Alessandra de Rossi?

She is one of the most talented actresses in Philippine showbiz today. Alessandra Tiotangco Schiavone, or more popularly known as Alessandra de Rossi started her career as a teen actress on the afternoon show 'DATS' with older sister Assunta de Rossi. She also took part in ABS-CBN's Cyberkada and GMA-7's Click.

At a young age of 16, she bagged her first acting award. She won the FAMAS Best Supporting Actress award for the movie Azucena. Since then, she became visible on TV and movies.

Her most remarkable role to date is playing the role of Valentina in the first TV remake of GMA (where Angel Locsin played the lead role). The sad reality of mainstream TV is that she is often cast as the main antagonist. The best trait of Alex de Rossi is that she is funny in real-life. She can be tactless, but the press love her for it.

Alessandra de Rossi also starred in critically-aclaimed films like Mga Munting Tinig, Busong and Baybayin. She is one of the Filipina mainstream stars who chooses her projects carefully. She rejects projects that requires her to do kissing scenes.

As of writing, Alessandra de Rossi is included in GMA-7's Pahiram ng Sandali.

Alessandra de Rossi Movies on Sale

Wonderland by Alessandra de Rossi (Adrift)

Alessandra de Rossi: The Musician

The talented person that she is, Alessandra de Rossi released a free for download album called 'Adrift', which includes all-original tracks. It took her five years to complete the album and the fans are happy with the result. When asked why the album is available online for free, she mentioned that she simply wants to pursue her passion in Music. She can sing and she plans to do music scoring for films. In fact, she is assigned to do the music score of the upcoming indie film 'Death March'.

DREAM TO ME by Alex de Rossi music video

Alessandra de Rossi Photo Gallery


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