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Filipina Actress Eula Caballero Photo Gallery and Pictures

Updated on November 23, 2013

Eula Caballero: TV5's Homegrown Princess

TV5, or also called as the Kapatid network in the Philippines has been aggressive in hiring artists from different networks. As of writing, they have a number of big Filipino celebrities signed under them. Most of them are currently working on new projects like talk shows, teleseryes, variety shows among others.

Two years ago, they launched their very own reality-based artista search called 'Star Factor'. The show included sixteen new showbiz hopefuls and only one emerged as the ultimate winner. She is no other than Eula Caballero from Cebu!

Lou Eula May Caballero Simo, or more popularly known in the showbiz world as Eula Caballero was born on May 23, 1995 in Boljoon, Cebu. Her parents are Mary Lou Caballero-Simo and Eulagio Simo. Her three siblings are Josephine, Jane Mercy and Jake Simo. The teenager is now considered as a pride of Cebu.

Eula Caballero Tribute Video by a Fan

Eula Caballero

Eula Caballero's Showbiz Journey

As one of the reigning princesses of TV5, Eula Caballero is one of the most promising stars of the Kapatid network. Right after she emerged as the grand winner of Star Factor, she immediately guested in the shows like Star Confessions (as Sandara Park), PO5, Fantastik, Luv Crazy and Magic Gimik.

Her is a certified teen sweetheart of her home network. She was a mainstay of Bagets: Just Got Lucky, Hey, it's Saberday and played an important role in the primetime show 'The Sisters' topbilled by Nadine Samonte.

Before the year 2011 ended, Eula Caballero was given the chance to work with no less that the superstar Nora Aunor in the mini-series 'Sa Ngalan ng Ina'. Her debut movie under Regal Films is 'Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow' and this time, she shared a lot of intense scenes with the Diamond Star Ms. Maricel Soriano. Lucky Girl!

As of writing, Eula Caballero is shining in TV5's Primetime Slot as Holly in the mini-series 'Nandito Ako', where she is paired with David Archuleta of the American Idol fame. She is sharing the spotlight with Jasmine Curtis-Smith, another TV5 Princess.

With that being said, it seems like Eula Caballero is on her way to stardom!

Eula Caballero Photo Gallery


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    • profile image

      jonnas gerolaga 3 years ago

      I lv u EULA

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      lol 4 years ago


    • profile image

      ma 4 years ago

      ,Eula possesses not just only beauty but also brain,being humble, kind, and friendly to all.....

    • profile image

      Virgil B. of San Diego, Ca. 5 years ago

      Eula is a great young star. She made me cry in her role "Nandito Ako."