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Film Review: Inception (2010)

Updated on July 18, 2020
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Infatuated with the realm of cinema, and I am a writer, that's what I am!


Review: Inception

Philosophy Of Dreams:

When we're asleep, our mind can do anything, we can architect our world, we can build it the way we have visioned it. We are the master of ourselves, we created the things and get wandered and wandered and lost the world and with this, we lost ourselves, our dreams become our reality and our reality becomes our dreams.

The World of Inception, Dreams vs Reality:

Inception by Christopher Nolan is another kind of Intoxication, the world of Inception was built on the myths and philosophical ideas of a dream world. It worked on the academic theories of "Dreams vs Reality". Over the years, there were myths about the dream world. From Hippocrates to Socrates, everyone was determined to solve this myth, but they never rooted the world. It's still a myth and riddle for philosophers. With the dominance of science, researches and studies are conducted on these myths from the last few years but different cohort studies have different ideologies and theories to profess and Inception from Nolan is a cinematic extension of the myths of the dream world.

A dream within a Dream:

As I said, Inception is another kind of intoxication so It takes me 10 years to fully grasp its ideas and characterization. When It was released, It seems to be a top-notch action thriller but time to time unwind all the details. Nolan based his concept on the physiology of sleeping and dreaming, the evolution of pitching ideas, and how difficult it to defeat someone because of its strong defense mechanism is brilliantly advocated. Remarkably, the idea of activation of mind and body during sleep is perfectly executed. Anatomy of Sleep, dream within a dream, and stages of sleep make it an interesting film on many levels.

Acting Performances:

Coming back to performances, I do remember I recommended this film to a closed relative, wasn't persuaded to watch it as instead of DiCaprio I praised Joseph Gordon Levitt, Tom Hardy, and Cillian Murphy during the whole discussion. When I did mention DiCaprio, he instantly hit on the idea to watch this film though he dislikes the performance of Murphy. Years later, the same fella bored me out uploading videos of Murphy from Peaky Blinders. So, without the wonderful support from his fellow actors, Leonardo could not have pulled it off.

Visual Effects & Cinematography:

Cinematography, Screenplay, and Background Score were the dark horses of Inception especially the scene involving Joseph Gordon Levitt in the hotel was Masterpiece.


Direction by Christopher Nolan is ace, Inception is his version of mythical word of dreams and successfully he's very close to beat the shit out of Hippocrates, Socrates, and all the fortune-tellers.

A Debate:

So, I am trying to start the debate, It will give two insights

1) how closely you watch these films to rate higher or to praise Nolan

2) do you really read a film review till the end.

In this film Leonardo DiCaprio played Cobb, who entered people’s minds by synthesizing dreams, the film also included Tom Hardy, Ellen Page, and Joseph Gordon Levitt as members of his expert team. They would enter their subjects’ dreams to either extract information or plant the seeds of a new idea in their mind. To achieve this, they would often travel between multiple levels of dreams, risking being left behind in limbo forever. To keep themselves calibrated between the real world and the dreams, each would carry a totem. Cobb’s totem was a spinning top which, when spun, would eventually come to rest in the real world but keep spinning endlessly in the dream world. At the end of the film, when the heist proved to be a success and Cobb is finally reunited with his kids, he spins the top one last time. But before we could see if the top rests or keeps spinning, the screen fades to black.

For years, I wanted to know if Cobb did finally meet his family, or was he forever trapped in the limbo? So watching it the 4th time, I solved that, Cobb was trapped in the limbo as old Mr.Saito moved his fingers to hold the gun, he may have shot him and paralyzed him forever.

For Cobb, it was a reality but for us, It was a dream. Now, what do you say boises? Cobb was trapped in the limbo or actually reunited with his kids?


5 stars for Inception (2010)



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