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Film Review: Just Go With It

Updated on June 18, 2013

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4 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Just Go With It

Just Go With It: Summary

Just Go With It is a film which focuses on a successful plastic surgeon who falls in love with a beautiful woman - yet when he tells one small lie to her, it snowballs into a catastrophic and extravagant web of lies.

Big Stars

Adam Sandler: Plays the part of the plastic surgeon

Jennifer Anniston: Plays the part of his surgery assistant and also his pretend wife in the story that is spun to try and win the other girl's heart

My Opinion

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston display some absolutely sizzling on-screen chemistry. They work together incredibly well in a way which seems maybe a little too natural.

Throughout the film the lie becomes more and more expounded and with each addition the laughs come through thicker and faster - though some of it could really make you cringe.

The child actors selected to play Aniston's character's kids are appropriately irritating (as is my view of most child actors) though worse could have been selected.

In all, it is a very light-hearted comical film and though it requires a little extra attention than most comedies (in order to keep up with the ever-changing direction of their lies), it is easy to watch and a good evening filler.

Detailed Storyline (spoiler!)

When the plastic surgeon (Sandler) meets the love of his life and she discovers his old wedding ring in his pocket, he thinks the relationship that was just about to bloom has been killed - until he begins to spin a story about going through a divorce.

After his new love interest asks to meet his soon-to-be ex-wife as proof of his story, he introduces her to his workplace assistant (Aniston), who reluctantly agrees to play the part of his wife.

After she slips up and discloses the fact that she has children, she is forced to enlist her children into the charade portraying them as the children of her and Sandler's character, and they all take a trip to Hawaii.

During the trip, Sandler's character falls in love with Aniston's character and the ensuing wedding is called off in the nick of time.


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