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Film Review: Map to the Stars

Updated on February 24, 2015

The Film - Map to the Stars

I managed to catch this film quite accidentally. I didn't really know that it was out, even even that it in fact existed. After taking a quick look at who was in it and who directed it. I thought I would give it a shot.

I did take a quick look over the subject matter of the film and in a way it made me not necessarily want to see the film. I thought prior to seeing Map of the Star that this sort of insight into famous people's lives, off screen, was not too much of a shock and I didn't really need to see yet another film "exposing" emperor-like behavior. This sort of film - I thought, maybe rightly - seems to serve as a support for delusional people acting up as they think this behavior is what the elite folk are like.

Was I right?

I knew nothing of the film really - other than it was a David Cronenberg film and it had Julianne Moore in it. I am quite a fan of both of them so this seemed to be enough for me to give it a little bit of my time.

I last saw David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis but, I cannot say I liked the film. In fact, I turned it off after about ten minutes. So I cannot really honestly rate that film. I have some sort of aversion for Robert Pattinson so I could not take much of that.. A little Pattinson is possible..

The main focus of Map to the Stars is on Havana Segrand (Julianne Moore) and her struggles with becoming old within a setting of ever younger women and her frustrations shown as superficial care, interest, and concern. The viewer of course, see all sides of Havana.

Segrand takes on a housekeeper/PA by the name of Agatha Weiss (Mia Wasikowska) after Carrie Fisher oddly requests she does so. It of course is the infinite quid quo pro scenario that show business is built on. Fisher knows the director of the film that Segrand is trying so hard to get into.

Agatha is a burns victim. And it transpires the role Segrand is after is the same role her Mother played. Segrand's Mother died in a house fire.

At the same time, Segrand is seeing a new age therapist called Dr. Stafford Weiss (John Cusack) Segrand is working through apparent trauma she experienced through her Mother sexually abusing her while she was a child - she is seen smiling like a Hyena on daytime TV giving an account of such events.

It of course turns out that Agatha is in fact returning to where she grew up rather than arriving to a new city. The game is given away to who she is related to by her surname.

Another character that plays a bit part in this film is Benjie Weiss (Evan Bird) who plays a child actor and of course is related to the other Weiss' mentioned.

As it turns out, pretty matter-of-factually, the Weiss parents are in fact brother and sister. They did not know at the time though apparently as they were separated at an early age. This of course calls Dr. Weiss out as he is treating Segrand for abuse that did not happen, while at the same time being very abusive of his estranged Daughter who was created through having sex with his own sister.

Both Benjie and Agatha it would seem suffer from schizophrenia which has lead to many polar opposite "punishments" when this disorder is ignored. Agatha is locked up in an institution while Benjie strangles a young co-star while in a delusion and it is treat as if he has kicked a dog.

It is also worth mentioning that all the way thorough the film Segrand also hallucinates - like Benjie but Agatha does not. For Segrand it is her own Mother taunting her that she is lying about the abuse she received. The main theme is her own Mother called her out as a fraud each and every time.

The whole film is a big mash of hypocrisy, superficiality, and it is all bound and compounded together with lies. Though I was somewhat disappointed by the ending I have since come to look at the film like an old tapestry where a lot is going on and it is showing a well oiled hate machine that somehow limps on with the addition of new naïve blood.

I would give it 7 / 10


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