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Film Review: That's My Boy (2012)

Updated on August 25, 2012


Sex, sex and nothing but the sex

Adam Sandler is Mr. Funny and has made million by making millions laugh. In his latest comedy, “That’s My Boy”, he brings the laughs to this sexually charged black comedy. Now, before reading any further I must warn you that this review contains spoilers that could ruin your viewing experience.

This film is all about sex. Adam plays the grown up character of Donny Berger, a12 year old junior high student who lives every teens dream – has a sexual relationship with his hot 22 year old teacher, Mary McGarricle. Unfortunately, the relationship is found out in a rather public and embarrassing situation and the teacher is sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for abusing a minor. However, their union resulted in a love child whom Donny is given custody.

Andy Samberg channels the love child that is distraught and runs away from home when he turns 18. Unfortunately, his father learns his whereabouts and comes calling sending his perfect life into chaos.

This is film is about sex, sex and nothing but sex. It takes Sandler’s usual acts a notch higher in the raunchy meter and some could say borderline pornography. Fortunately, they had the lid on this one. While, the film was raunchy and funny, there were a few sad moments. This is mostly thanks to the Sandberg’s ability to look sad when everything else seems funny and vice versa. Also using a mother and daughter to play a single character is genius, especially when the resemblance is just remarkable.

Eva Amuri heroically takes the role of the 22 year old teacher who eventually ends up in prison. Not surprisingly, the sizzling hot Susan Sarandon continues the role as the older Mary McGarricle. The resemblance makes a very believably aged character without the hassle of make-up.

Vanilla Ice and Ciara also play important roles in this film.

Ice plays himself or uncle Vinnie for short, a friend of Donny who is not on good terms because he believes Donny had sex with his mother. Meanwhile Ciara plays the sultry stripper Brie who becomes Sandberg’s love interest.

I enjoyed this film. However, if you are expected Sandler’s PG-13 comedy then you are in for a rude shock. This is the raunchiest, dirtiest of his films – and maybe the funniest.


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