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Film Review: 'Thor: The Dark World'

Updated on March 6, 2019
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Is this movie fun to watch? Yes. Is it as good as the original? Not really. But I feel that many people are too quick to dismiss this movie, which still has a lot to offer the fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and action. Not to mention fans of Thor as a franchise.


As is the constant thread in these Thor movies, the plot involves Odin being a dick, Loki being sad that his actions have consequences, and Thor being caught between his brother and his father.

In this case, Odin imprisons Loki in the start of the film for trying to take over Earth, which he did in The Avengers. Loki of course whines like a two-year-old, but it does seem that Odin himself has ruled Earth or tried to in the past himself, I mean, otherwise why would he be considered a god in the Norse pantheon? So perhaps Loki is right, that Odin is being a tad hypocritical?

Loki is sure he's the un-favorite because he's adopted. He thinks that's why Thor appears to be his favorite potential heir to the throne of Asgard. But Loki considers the throne his birthright. Wonder if they could have a nifty little human invention called a "code of law" to tell them who the right heir should be? No? Okay, war and mayhem it is then. How foolish of me to suggest it.

When all nine realms move into alignment, this is called the convergence. It is going to unleash a king of the dark elves upon the world. Loki's plan is to help the dark elves destroy Asgard and Earth both, as revenge for his imprisonment. A lot of dark elves are broken out of prison in Asgard.

On Earth, Jane Foster, Thor's human sort-of-girlfriend from the last movie, is possessed by the ether, an ancient energy used as a weapon by the dark elves. The main results of this are a case of glowyrash and splodeytouch, which are common symptoms in superhero films. It actually, funnily enough, does not look that different from when Pepper Potts gets unwanted super powers in Iron Man 3.

Thor eventually needs Loki's help to defeat the dark elves and save Asgard, but Loki cannot be trusted, obviously. The ensuing action/battle scenes give you a mix of alien invasion and Lord of the Rings style medieval warfare.


Thor: The Dark World
Marvel Studios, Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Kevin Feige
Alan Taylor
Screenplay by Christopher Yost, Stephen McFeely, & Christopher Markus; Story by Don Payne, Robert Rodat; Based on Thor by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, & Jack Kirby
Main Actors/Actresses
Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, Stellan Skarsgård, & Idris Elba
Kramer Morgenthau
Music by
Brian Tyler
MPAA Rating
Run Time
1 hour, 52 minutes
Golden Schmoe for Coolest Character of the Year 'Loki'; Huading Award for Best Global Actor in a Motion Picture Chris Hemsworth; Russian National Film Award for Best Foreign Villain of the Year Tom Hiddleston As Loki

I'm honestly surprised it didn't win any stunt or special effects awards.


This is a really good movie, that somehow falls short of being a great movie. What I mean is that while it has good special effects and some good performances from Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, and Chris Hemsworth, Thor: Dark World mostly just feels okay, not that special. Over time, it just doesn't seem as memorable as the first Thor.

But again, failure to live up to the original doesn't make it a bad movie. The dark elves are a creative concept and you can tell that the production team worked really hard making these paranormal creatures seem real, and terrifying. They did a good job of animating the ether, and other special effects, including a levitating truck and anti-gravity effects that appear realistic, are done very well. There is a lot of attention to detail in this movie, and I respect that.

Rating for 'Thor: The Dark World': 7/10

© 2019 Naomi Starlight


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