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Film sets of Shankar

Updated on May 21, 2017
Director Shankar's sets
Director Shankar's sets

With “I” making records, Shankar is the talk of the town. Shankar is one of those rare Indian directors who picks sensible and close to heart subjects and converts them into lavish and commercial stories. He is known for his grand sets, cutting edge special effect and rare locations. His songs are rare gems and symbolises his unique style. This is a list of songs shot in a typical Shankar style sets.

Parkathey from Gentleman (1993)

Parkathey from Gentleman (1993)
Parkathey from Gentleman (1993)

Gentleman is an action-vigilante film where a man who is affected by bureaucracy steals from rich to build a college for poor.

In this serious film, a relative of the hero is a teen girl who comes to stay in his house for few days and falls for the hero. “Parkathey” is a song from the girl’s point of view who doesn’t care about serious things and tells the serious hero to enjoy life.

For this casual song which tells the material enjoyments of life, Shankar chose a set to depict a then modern and a posh restaurant. It’s colourful and is lit mildly like in a five star restaurant. Also names like Zulu, Babi and Naye are seen which may be depicting some of the famous restaurants.

Kadhalikum Pennin from Kadhalan (1994)

Kadhalikum Pennin from Kadhalan (1994)
Kadhalikum Pennin from Kadhalan (1994)

Kadhalan is action-romance film which is a love story between a simple middle class college student and the daughter of a governor.

Before the movie gets serious where the governor comes in between the lovers, a cute scene between the hero and his father leads to this song. In the scene, hero is searching for a hook desperately when his father notices it in the dust bin. As the bin van takes away all the rubbish, his father brings all the hooks from van using a magnet from which the hero identifies his lovers hook correctly.

“Kadhalikkum Pennin” song is a song where hero sings on how even rubbish becomes important with the touch of their beloved. For this song, two sets can be soon. One set is a house which is made from the patches of jeans and a “Lee” (famous jeans brand) button on the patch. Other set is a more colourful one highlighting a random brand label.

Akadanu Naanga from Indian (1996)

Akadanu Naanga from Indian (1996)
Akadanu Naanga from Indian (1996)

Indian is the second action-vigilante film where a veteran freedom fighter fights against corruption by killing the biggest corruptors while ironically his son is a corrupt government official.

As a government official, to get the work down from a top of the heap model, he does whatever she does. In one of the scene, she comes to his house to practice her dance and asks him to practice with her. This is the lead scene for “Akadanu Naanga”.

This song is where the heroine says that new trends have come and throw the old and get used to the new. Two stylish and modern sets were put for this song to represent stages of fashion shows.

Anbea Anbea from Jeans (1998)

Anbea Anbea from Jeans (1998)
Anbea Anbea from Jeans (1998)

A romantic-comedy, Jeans is a film about twin brothers and their very interesting love story.

When the father of twin brothers declare that he will marry his sons only to twin sisters, the same girl comes as her own twin sister and a very innocent and beautiful love blossoms in the other twin brother. This is the lead for this beautiful song “Anbea Anbea”.

This is probably the first of Shankar’s most lavish sets. Colourful and beautiful, this set depicts some palace with all luxuries and the hero’s imagination of himself as a prince and his new love as the princess while a number of colourfully dressed dancers add to the aura.

Shakalaka Baby from Mudhalvan (1999)

Shakalaka Baby from Mudhalvan (1999)
Shakalaka Baby from Mudhalvan (1999)

Instead of another vigilante film, Shankar made his terrific political thriller through Mudhalvan in which an honest man accepts the challenge from the chief minister to act as the Chief minister of Tamil Nadu for one day.

In this film, hero is a reporter in a television channel. “Shakalaka baby” is the first song in which he is shooting a music album in which Miss world Sushmita Sen plays a guest appearance.

Being a youthful song, this set is a consolidation of everything that’s youthful, parks, lights, disco, temple, theatre and everything. Made like an independent album, this is a blockbuster song.

Boom Boom from Boys (2003)

Boom Boom from Boys (2003)
Boom Boom from Boys (2003)

This is coming-of-age movie where five boys discover their hidden talents and deals with dilemma between love and career.

A point comes in the movie where a boy and girls gets married opposing their parents but they don’t have a place to live. So, they settle down in a dirty garage and the heroine says that she is happy even in a dump yard if he is with her.

This song is built on the scene and makes use of everything that can be found in a rubbish can to build a beautiful set. Special effects are used to give a cartoonish look.

Kadhal yaanai from Anniyan (2005)

Kadhal yaanai from Anniyan (2005)
Kadhal yaanai from Anniyan (2005)

Third action-vigilante film from Shankar, Anniyan is about a guy who suffers multiple personality disorder as a lawyer, supermodel and a vigilante.

An honest and a righteous lawyer genuinely love a girl but don’t have a style to sweep her feet off. That’s when his multiple personality disorder helps him to become Remo who is a supermodel to impress the girl.

Being an introduction to a super model, the set for this song represents a modern ramp walk stage. Yana gupta is featured in this song along with the hero who is a supermodel surrounded while his lady fans are the audience.

Sahana and Vaaji Vaaji from Sivaji (2007)

Sahana from Sivaji (2007)
Sahana from Sivaji (2007)
Vaaji Vaaji from Sivaji (2007)
Vaaji Vaaji from Sivaji (2007)

An out and out action film is Shankar’s Sivaji is an apt film for the superstar Rajinikanth.

In this film, a computer engineer returns from America to India to start a company which is significantly opposed by the government. That’s when he turns to fight against the government to bring out all the black money. An almost vigilante like film, Sivaji is more of an action film with Rajinikanth in different get ups fighting against a very sophisticated villain.

Sahana and Vaaji Vaaji are both love songs. Sahana is a lavish set of three palaces like geometric figures made completely with glass to bring out the rich and fragile-ness of the love scene. Vaaji Vaaji is another huge palace like set where the hero and heroine look like a king and queen. Lavish and with two colours, this set brings out all the required grandeur.

Irumbile Oru Irudhaiyam and Arima Arima from Enthiran (2010)

Irumbile Oru Irudhaiyam from Enthiran (2010)
Irumbile Oru Irudhaiyam from Enthiran (2010)
Arima Arima from Enthiran (2010)
Arima Arima from Enthiran (2010)

Enthiran is the first science fiction-thriller of Shankar and one of those rare Indian films.

This is the story of a human-android constructed by a scientist falls in love with the to-be bride of his creator. Both “Irumbile Oru Irudhaiyam” and “Arima Arima” are the songs between the human-android and the heroine.

In “Irumbile Oru Irudhaiyam” is the human-android’s fascination when the heroine kisses him for the first time. Three different metallic sets are apt as this is an imagination of a robot. The second song “Arima Arima” has a set resembling the empire of a robot which even has two robotic lions.

Ai (2014)

Similar to these films, the latest release "Ai" has wonderful sets especially in "Ennodu Nee Irundhaal" and "Ladio". This is the costliest Indian film ever and it almost lives up to it's expectation.


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