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More Films Like Malena from Monica Bellucci

Updated on August 27, 2011

Why We Love Malena

There are many reasons why we all love the Italian film Malena.

It is directed by Giuseppe Tornatore who is a master at creating a truly magnificient and humbling film experience.

It stars Monica Bellucci in one of her most poignant & vulnerable role as a beautiful widow who needs to fend off the unwanted attention from the towns men.

It interweaves coming of age story of a boy's first love with his prim and proper teacher played to perfection by Bellucci.

For more films like Malena, read for some choiced movie reviews & recommendations.

Enjoy this Movie Trailer of "Malena"

An interesting movie still from Malena
An interesting movie still from Malena

How Much Do You Love Me

If you are looking for more films like Malena starring the sensual Monica Bellucci then you might just love the sexy french comedy "How Much Do You Love Me".

This film is more lighthearted then Malena, with Bellucci showing more than her funny side.

There's also a great a great cast the perfectly casted Bernard Campan in the role of the  nondescript balding office worker that wins the lottery and prepositions the prostitute played with spirit by Bellucci.

The Reader

If you enjoy the coming of age story of a young teenage boy's infatuation with a woman than you might want to watch The Reader.

This movie stars Kate Winslet as the older woman who is the object of desire of a teenage school boy. Like Malena this film interweaves the story of love with the atrocities of war.

A movie still from The Reader.
A movie still from The Reader.

Cinema Paradiso

If you were entices by the naïve innocence of the Italian boy's tale in Malena then you might to try another film like Malena from the same world acclaimed director Giuseppe Tornatore.

Cinema Paradiso is considered by many to an iconic film masterpiece.

This movie Cinema Paradiso is an overall inspiring one that shows us the magical world of films seen through the eyes of a boy. Which is also why this film is perfect for film lovers who are also entrance by the magic of the silver screen.

A boy's love for the wonderful world of films in Cinema Paradiso.
A boy's love for the wonderful world of films in Cinema Paradiso.

Movie Trailer of Cinema Paradiso

I Want You

This British film is set at an old beach resort, and starts with a body being dropped from the pier.

Luka Petrusic plays a young mute who is secretly in love with the beautiful hairdresser Helen played with sensitivity by sensual Rachel Weisz.

Things spirals when the teen mute tries to embarrass Helen's boyfriend with a secretly taped conversation.

This movie kind of reminded me of the over theme of films like Malena where a young teen is infatuated with an older women and goes to extreme lengths because of this obsession.

Movie Trailer of I Want You

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