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Films of Tupac Shakur

Updated on July 20, 2013

Tupac Shakur was best known for his music which continues to influence millions over a decade later. What is often overlooked was he was also developing into an exceptional actor before he was brutally gunned down September 7th, 2006. In his short time here he left us a brilliant collection of work, who knows how far this bright young star would have gone if given the time to develop and grow as an actor.


Just a few short months after the release of his debut album,  2Pacalypse Now, Tupac made his silver screen debut in the film Juice.

Shot on location in Harlem New York , It is the story of four young men's quest to gain juice, or respect, on the streets. In this role Tupac Shakur plays a deranged lunatic named Bishop. Many people believe this role forever changed his life by having him become the thug that he played in the movie.

Poetic Justice

Tupac Shakur's first #1 film, grossing $11,728,455 its opening weekend. His co-star Janet Jackson created a small controversy when she requested that Tupac take an AIDS test before filming a scene where he was to kiss her.

The movie chronicles a road trip that Justice (Janet Jackson),and  Lucky (Tupac Shakur), take, with two of her friends, from Los Angelas to Oakland, California. Of course, along the way, romance ensues.

Above the Rim

A basketball drama where Tupac Shakur plays the role of Birdie, a well known gang leader who wants Kyle Lee Watson (Duane Martin)  to join his street ball team.. Another powerful performance from Tupac Shakur with excellent cinematography in the basketball scenes.


Released only one month after the death of Tupac. This the story of ex-convict Butch "Bullet" Stein (Mickey Rourke) attempting to adjust to living life on the outside. Tupac Shakur plays Tank, a ruthless drug lord, who is intent on getting revenge for the eye Bullet took from him in prison. This movie saw limited distribution.


In the most challenging role of his career, Tupac played the role of  a heroin addict Spoon. Him and his friend Stretch (Tim Roth) decide to kick their habit after watching a friend overdose. They run into constant obstacles throughout the day such as criminals, law enforcement, and government bureaucracy. Very well acclaimed but netted just over 5 million at the box office.

Gang Related

The final film ever released starring Tupac Shakur. Co-starring James Belushi, Gang Related is the story of two crooked cops who accidentally kill an undercover DEA agent. Desperate they attempt to frame a homeless man as the murderer.


In additions to his films, Tupac has appeared in countless documentaries that bring us closer to understanding the depth of an artist that we all lost. The acadamy award nominated Tupac Resurection was the highest grossing documentary in the United states since 1982.

Juice Trailer

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