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Final Girls: Horror

Updated on July 31, 2017

The Common Theme of "Final Girls"

Horror has been pretty consistent over the years, even when it comes to sub-genres. There are clear stereotypes that have been put in place and usually no one wants to mess with a winning formula. One concept of that is "Final Girls". They fight, they go through hell and somehow one girl is usually left standing after the bloodbath. What do these girls have in common? And, what about the exceptions to the rule? Sure, there are some horror films where not just one person is left standing and there are those where no one is left standing. A lot of these girls have something in common or are just completely different from their co-stars.

Although stereotypes exist in most genres of film, they clearly stand out in the horror genre. One movie: "A Cabin in the Woods" basically outlines the main stereotypes that exist in horror: The athlete, the fool, the whore, the virgin, & the scholar .

Just as there are rules to "not get killed in a horror movie", (an article I'll write later) - there are archetypes. Final girls, however, stand on their own. Some people can even predict who that character will be before the movie's completion. Below I'll talk about some of the best Final Girls in horror history.

Horror Movie Heroines

Final Girl Favorites

Laurie Strode (Halloween)

Probably one of the best known final girls of all time. She was played by one of our favorite Scream Queens Jamie Lee Curtis. This chick surpasses the odds in almost every sequel to the film and gets pretty bloody along the way. Being the only surviving relative of her crazed, (and probably immortal) brother Michael Myers - an iconic slasher. During nearly every scene, she's able to outwit her psycho brother and inevitably make it to the end. She's high on the list of badass final girls, if not the greatest of them all.

Sydney Prescott (Scream)

This girl has really bad taste in dudes, right? Even though she always is a target for the next wannabe Ghostface, she always makes it through. She's resilient and over time accepts that she's probably the sole focus of the next psychopath. One of her most notable scenes, (in my opinion), is in the first movie: She hides in the closet and turns the table on the killers, calling them in the 'ghostface voice', kicking ass and living to fight off another psycho in the next movie. This role is the one that Neve Campbell is best known for and probably always will be.

Mia Allen (Evil Dead)

I didn't see this one coming honestly. She's a junkie and the original possessed in this remake. Somehow though, (while her friends are all getting killed in the goriest ways possible), she prevails. With the help of her brother, she is buried alive and brought back to life without the attachment of the perverted demon that took control of her. This movie has loads of gore and in the end scene, (the goriest), she and her chainsaw take back control - leaving her the last one standing.

Sarah (The Descent)

This chick goes through one hell of a time being the last girl standing in a cast of all women. You have to give a lot of props to women who go cave diving for fun. In a group of badass chicks, Sarah stands out. She's already lost her family to an accident and been betrayed by her best friend and maybe that's the key to her survival instinct - pure rage. She slices and dices her way through tons of creepy cave creatures, even submerging herself in a gross-ass pool of blood to evade them. She's certainly one of my favorites.

Beth (Hostel II)

Beth is one of my all time favorites and I've noticed she is never on any final girl lists. In my opinion, she should always make top ten! She goes from being a Hostel victim, about to be tortured to death in one of those gross, sadistic rooms and completely turns the tables. Using some clever 'honey-potting' she is able to gain the upper hand against her torturer. With a knife and a hell of a lot of money, she gets out of the hostel, joins up and ends up taking out the woman who lured her there in the first place. Lauren German gives one hell of a performance in this film and is an all time Final Girl all star.

Erin (You're Next)

This chick takes survival to the next level, revealing skills to her not-so-cool boyfriend as soon as shit starts to hit the fan. She sets up traps, knows how to swing just about any weapon and inevitably lives through the band of psychos attacking her boyfriend's family. She makes us all want to brush up on our survival skills for sure!


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