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How to Find New Music for DJing

Updated on January 10, 2011

The lifeblood of any DJ is their music. Finding new music for DJing can be quite a task for those that don’t know how to look in the right places. This article will take you through three of the best places to find music for your next DJ mix.

Resource 1: Forums

The first stop you should go to find new music for DJing are DJ related forums. Usually, you may be visiting these forums because you're looking How to DJ but using these forums can also be great for excellent discussions for music! On DJ related forums, you will find many threads with users talking about their favorite music that’s just been released including new reviews so you know it will work within your DJ mix.

Resource 2: Youtube

After you’ve moved around the DJ forums for a while, swing on over to Youtube and begin digging through the seemingly endless amount of music that’s offered on the video website. Subscribe to a few channels and stay up to date with new releases each day when the youtube channel owners upload new music.

Resource 3: Listen to mixes

Perhaps the best resource for finding new music for DJing is by just listening to new mixes by your favorite DJs. New mixes often come with a set list which allows you to dig through and check out what is being spun and maybe even a link to where you can purchase the tracks used in the mix, online.


In conclusion, the web has given DJs a vast resource for finding new music. There are literally thousands of websites, blogs and other networks you can visit to stay up to date on the hottest releases. In order to truly set the dance floor on fire, you need to drop the hottest tracks – something which requires a bit of extra work to find the newest music.


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