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Find The Bubble Man In The Park

Updated on July 13, 2012

Making Bubbles

The Bubble Man

If you find the bubble man in the park it will be something you probably have not seen before and I had to stop and watch the huge bubbles as they floated by when I first saw him. A crowd gathered around slowly as the bubble man was also an entertainer of sorts fascinating the children as well as the adults. Its amazing that something as simple as a little soap and water can have such an effect on people when used in a different way. As I watched the bubble man make his magic float into the air, I told myself, "how nice it is to see such a little thing bring so much joy to the faces of adults and children."

Giant Bubble

How To Make Bubbles

The question most will ask first is I wonder what he uses to get the bubble to be so big. Is it just dish soap and a little water? I set out on a quest to find out how to make bubbles that are as big as the bubble man's bubbles. The other question is what is the secret to the stick he uses. It's just such a fascinating way to entertain people that I wanted to know.

To Make Bubbles Follow this recipe:

12 cups purified water

5 cups unscented, uncolored dish soap ( Dawn works well)

1/2 cup Glycerin (can find it ar hobby Lobby)

Mix gently so as not to create bubbles.

To make the Bubble Wands:

2 wooden dowels ( Walmart) 24" long

2 eye screws

4 washers

Cotton string ( Home Depot) Get the 3 pound weight

Drill a hole in the ends of the dowels

screw in eye screws

Cut 100 inch piece and a 70 inch piece of cotton string

Put the four washers through the 100 inche piece of string

Put ends of both pieces of string through one of the eye hooks, do the same on the other.

  1. Take your bucket outside.
  2. Put the end of the dowels in the bucket and the string should be submerged.
  3. Bring the ends of the dowels up from the bubble solution, together until about chest high.
  4. Then separate the dowels by pulling them outward so the string makes a triangle — pointing down. The washers will weigh the center of the bottom string down.
  5. Step backward quickly so that the air goes through the bubble solution between the dowels and makes a bubble.


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    • HLKeeley profile image

      HL Keeley 5 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      This is so interesting and sounds like fun!