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Finding Carter

Updated on October 6, 2014

July 2014 MTV came out with a new TV Drama Finding Carter. It was about a girl whose life has been turned upside down when she found out that she was living a lie.

Carter was always close with her mom. One day the cops called her in and informed her that she was kidnapped at the age 3. The person whom she shared mermories with and was close with was her kidnapper.

Carter now goes to live with her family. Her biological mother is a police officer. Carter also has a father and a younger sister and younger brother.

Carter is also informed that her real name is not Carter. Throughout the series she still wants to be called Carter so that is what everyone refers to her as.

Carter is fifteen years old and has a good friend Max. Max and her younger sister have feelings for each other. Carter ends up falling for a guy named Crash who is bad for her.

Carter will do anything to get her mom back. The last episode ended with her finding her mother but her also being in a situation where she needs help getting out of.

Finding Cater aired Tue July 8th 2014 at 10pm on MTV. If you love drama shows than this is one that you should watch. You could catch up with old epsidoes and stay tuned for a season 2.

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