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Finding Everyday Silent Heroes

Updated on January 11, 2014
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What is the Silent Hero?

This past spring, I faced a health crisis, one that made me stop and really made me reevaluate what mattered to me. I realized that no matter what I was dealing with in my life, I always need to focus on trying to remain happy and positive.

Once I focused on being happy, I started to see things I never saw before. I started to see these amazing moments that happen everyday all around me. People who are living their bliss, people who are not afraid of expressing who they are and people even though life isn't easy have moments of pure joy that make the struggle worth it. I call these people my Silent Heroes. The following are a few stories of example of Silent Heroes I have observed.

Girl in her Shoes

It was a hot July day, and not a cloud in the sky. I saw this little girl twirling in the grass, in her flower sundress. However, her shoe were these hot pink rain boots. Seeing the boots made me giggle, since I have the some just like it.

Her mother saw me watching and laughing. She told me that she refuses to wear any other shoes. She said her daughter tells her that she loves her boots and they are who she is. Her mother said it in a way that made it seem she was embarrassed by her daughter choice. She went on to say that her daughter says to her she know who she is and what she loves.

I smiled and said well I think they are great. I wish everyone could know who they are, what they loved and weren't afraid to show the world even if it is only with a pair for hot pink boots.

Her mother smiled at me and said thank you. When she glanced back at her daughter who was now skipping around the field she looked at her daughter with pride this time not embarrassment.

The girl in her shoes became my hero that day. She didn't care if it wasn't going to rain that day she would dance in the sun with her boots instead of jumping in puddles.

The Boy and His Bike

Every morning, I went for a walk around the track in the common with my dogs.Like clockwork a teenage boy who had down syndrome would be riding his bike with a cart attached to the back of it with a yellow flag flapping in the wind. As he peddled through the park, he would be listening to his music and singing along.

I have no idea where he peddles off too I like to think he is going off to have an amazing adventure. The one thing that I notice as he peddles by me is the pure joy on his face. He is always smiling and singing with each peddle turn.

He is my silent hero, for the big reason he has found joy in the simple things of riding a bike and listening to music. His joy is contagious as he propels himself through the city. Every time I see him I wish we all could find that kind of joy.

Dog with a Home

This silent hero, is a dog. I admit it is a personal hero. Gilbert is my dog that I adopted from a local animal shelter. He was saved from the streets of Puerto Rico. He was skin and bones and in very poor health, but he was barely a year old so he had youth on his side. I have another dog, a lab who just turned 10 and I wanted to get another dog so I won't find myself dog-less one day.

Gilbert who I named after one of my favorite character in fiction, Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gable. Gilbert liked my lab Zoe more than me at first. He was still very scared and wary of people but within days he was curling up next to me and following me wherever I went. He learned to walk on a leash by following Zoe. It only took him two weeks to stop growling and barking at the strange thing called a TV.

Within months this shy, and scared puppy developed into the most loving, happy dog. He finds pure joy in everything. Dogs have this amazing ability to recover from a traumatic life and find a way to still have faith in people and live with pure love. If only we could be more like our dogs and put away our baggage and really just trust love.

Man Who Gave The Father Hope

This Silent Hero story is one that happened many years ago but this one will stay with me forever.

One day a man found himself sitting in a waiting room full of parents and children playing. This man was born over 40 years ago with a severe heart defect. At the time of his birth the survival rate for living to 2 was about 2% living to adulthood was unheard of. Now 90% of children born with heart defects will live to see adulthood. However these children must survive many heart surgeries to get there. For a long time many adults had to keep on seeing their pediatric cardiologist because the specialty for adult congenital heart doctors was in it infancy.

So this man sat alone in this waiting room, watching the children around him play, children just like him. He noticed father who seem a bit nervous and couldn't sit still. The father noticed him staring and ask him which one of the kids was his. He smiled and said to the father that he was a patient not a parent. He told the father what kind of heart defect he had, which just happened to be the same one his son had.

Then a nurse appeared and called the man's name. The man got up and the father reached for the man's arm and with tears in his eyes said to the man he never thought his son would make it to adulthood until now. The man turned back to see the boy racing around the playroom, and said to the father I bet he will outlive us all.

Sometimes life becomes difficult especially with illness, we start to have doubts and let bad thoughts rule our lives. It took a man to teach a father that even though the road is not easy it doesn't mean the road will end anytime soon.

Congenital Heart Disease is the number one birth defect. If you would like to know more please read Number 1 Birth Defect - What you need to know . It is a must read if you or someone you know is expecting a child.


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