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Finding Solitude in John Lennon

Updated on November 6, 2014
Ethan Bridges profile image

I am currently an English Major in hopes to become one of the great writers of all time.

Working Class Hero

I was first introduced to the Beatles long ago. I knew their names, a few of their songs, and their basic history. When I really became a fan, I grew to realize that John Lennon, the leader of the band, knew what he was talking about in his lyrics. I don't want to sit and harp on how well he put words together. He was a poet, an ingenious poet who put words together that do not make sense, and yet, they do. I became aware of the solo John Lennon at the place of my employment. Doing dishes never seemed so much fun when you could listen to your music.

Little did I know that there were a few songs by John Lennon and the Plastic Ono that I actually knew. Moreover, they were songs that I actually liked listening to. Happy Christmas, War is Over was one of my favorite Christmas songs, and I did not know that was John Lennon and Yoko Ono. I fell in love with this wonderful man who only asked for peace within the world that he lived in. As a Beatle, the public pressed him and the other three with difficult questions about the US war with Vietnam. He was a public figure head that had to answer the questions with the answers the public needed to hear. Revolution was one of the songs that set Lennon a part from the other three, and in Revolution 1 he changed his lyrics "You can count me out" to "You can count me out... in." His mind constantly changed, and I believe that is why I can find solace within his music because he poured how he was feeling with in each word that he so carefully used.


John Lennon was the most controversial of the Beatles. Even from the beginning, he was a smart-butt. He thought too abstractly for people to like him, and his honestly usually made him many enemies. People began to turn away from the Beatles after his "We're more popular than Jesus" quote. People misunderstood Lennon because of his abstract look on life.

I always find that little things distract me, and if I'm distracted, I'm not going to pay attention for very long. I began to feel a connection between myself and John Lennon. He spoke so many truths that many people overlooked them because they could not see what his motive for writing his songs was. The more I listened to his songs, his words would engross me beyond all knowing what was important in my life. His life was my life; albeit, my family wanted me, unlike Julia and Albert.

But one thing was always present in his songs, one thing that kept reoccurring in each: The theme of Love. Not just the whole 1960s phase of ooey-gooey high school romance, but the real thing. The more he found love, the more he would put love as his theme. He became more humble through the power of love and used it to his ability and advantage in all his stages of life.

When feeling down, I just look to Lennon for good vibes. I sit and listen to his music as his words flow over me like nothing else matters... Only love. It was through him where I found the true meaning of love and not the thoughts that I had of what I knew to be love. It was much more deep, a different understanding of what he was trying to display to me. Of course, I know John Lennon isn't really speaking out to me, but his words do give me a sense of hope and well-being toward my future endeavors. His understanding of love has now become the basis of my understanding of it as well.

Stand by Me

I have found a friend in John Lennon. He has helped me become the person I am today. When I am feeling down or just not myself, I will put on Lennon's songs, knowing they will give me some motivation to continue to feel good about myself. I began to realize that there was more to life than what I believed there was to be. Life is short, so we must live it to the fullest. I began to see that other things didn't really matter. I saw beauty in all things and realized that there is nothing ugly on God's green earth. Everything was made differently, and Lennon helped me see that through the visages of his songs.

All these truths began to open my vision also. I began to see myself differently through the eyes of my newfound friend, John Lennon. Mine eyes opened to see the world around me, knowing that everything will work out to its fullest. When things didn't seem to go my way, I would listen to the Imagine album and crank up the volume. After my session with Lennon, I realized nothing had to go my way. I am insignificant to things more important than I am. As Walt Whitman would say, I am nothing but a blade of grass amongst thousands. Soon, I realized I am important, just not in the sense that I would believe that I am important.

John Lennon has stood by me even when my real friends couldn't. There's a more mental aspect, something that only he could help me see. My problems wouldn't necessarily go away, but he could help me cope with the problems at hand; and I could go and discuss my problems with my real friends if needs be. I enjoy this fact and use it more than daily. John Lennon brings me hope and true aspiration toward life unlike any other person I know.


I first became aware of John Lennon's signature #1 hit song Imagine only a few years ago. The message that the song embarks is something that I could only imagine in my dreams, much like Lennon actually did. More than just one person dreams of world peace, for the fighting to end because this was not the reason why we were created. We are the only race of species that I know would kill another just because one person looked at the other wrongly. What kind of world is that? Why would we do that?

Lennon makes so much sense. If we get rid of all the things that make us greedy or envious then the world would be a much better place to live because we wouldn't have a care in the world if someone else was different. We are all different, and Lennon realized this and tried to make the best of what he had. He gave all he had to write such beautiful lyrics, some that, hopefully, will live on because of the wondrous meaning that they truly have. Only Lennon could beg for world peace by giving images through his words. If we "imagined" things not being there then we would be better off and seeing the difference and hope that others would follow en masse.

Many believe that Lennon's lyrics can and will never happen, but somewhere deep inside, the liberal part of me, says that we can if we tried. The thing is we aren't trying hard enough to work toward world peace, and if we did, this world... more so, the people in this world would live much longer lives because we would not be fighting one another over the most asinine things. I've learned to cope with the words of Lennon, but I try not to force him on to others because I respect their opinions, which is something Lennon taught me.

"Imagine all the people, living life in peace... You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you will join us, and the World will live as one."

Imagine by John Lennon


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