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Finnish Gothic Rock band Lullacry reviews: Alright Tonight EP and Crucify My Heart

Updated on August 18, 2017
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The front album cover for Crucify My Heart

Although Lullacry broke up in 2014, the single Alright Tonight and the album Crucify My Heart show that the band got better after 2002

Finnish hard rockers Lullacry had been around for a while. In fact, they had been under that name since 1998. In 2003, they released their 3rd album called Crucify My Heart. That same year, they released a single called Alright Tonight. The single contains the song Alright Tonight as well as the song Sweet Desire done by vocalist Tanja Lainio who joined the band back in 2002. Sweet Desire is a song off of the band's debut of the same name. Lullacry split up after performing 3 farewell concerts in Finland. The band started under the name of Coarse back in 1992 and they were originally a death metal band from 1992 through 1998. Tanja Lainio in my opinion is one of the most beautiful heavy metal singers that we have had. With the release of the single Alright Tonight and their 3rd album Crucify My Heart, Lullacry entered a new era with vocalist Tanja Lainio. The band actually got stronger in the songwriting department after 2002 and these two releases are evidence of this.

What is Lullacry's style of music like?

Lullacry's style of music would most likely be classified as gothic rock or gothic metal but I refer to them as heavy rock. Tanja Lainio has a sweeter kind of voice when she sings and this is how she differs from vocalists such as Flowing Tears' Helen Vogt or Lacuna Coil's Cristina Scabbia. This article is actually to dedicate it to a band that has put out one solid album after another. They have no bad albums at all and such a feat is rare in the music world. They got lots of attention from the Finnish record label Spinefarm Records after the release of their debut album Sweet Desire. The album is now out of print and cannot be purchased.

The single Alright Tonight and the album Crucify My Heart

  • Year of release: 2003
  • Country of origin: Finland
  • Record label it got signed under: Spinefarm Records
  • Score: 90 out of 100

If you think that heavy metal and women don’t mix think again. Finnish hard rock band Lullacry offers the music listener a fine album which is really solid from start to finish and they have a female vocalist that does an outstanding job. The album is called Crucify My Heart. This is the band’s 3rd album. It is the follow-up album to 2001’s Be My God. The result is once again a fine effort from these Finnish heavy rockers. I have always been a huge fan of metal and rock bands with female singers in them. The album features Don’t Touch the Flame which was the first single for the album and the band even made a video for it.

The rocking song Alright Tonight is about being in a relationship with someone who is loyal, trustworthy, and loves you for who you are. It is really reassuring to know that the person you love will never break your heart. As Tanja sings “I promise you we’ll make it somehow,” that is one of the best lines in the song.

A photo of the beautiful Tanja Lainio

Tanja Lainio joined Lullacry in 2002 following the departure of original vocalist Tanya Kemppainen due to musical differences. I will put Tanja on my list of my five favorite female metal vocalists.
Tanja Lainio joined Lullacry in 2002 following the departure of original vocalist Tanya Kemppainen due to musical differences. I will put Tanja on my list of my five favorite female metal vocalists. | Source

A brief review of the album Crucify My Heart

The first two tracks are great because they really set the tone for the album. It is on the fifth track Pitch Black Emotions that we witness the passion and power in Tanja’s voice. The song is a fast and aggressive one that I love. It is a great listen no matter how many times you hear it. Every Single Day is another great rock song about someone who feels lost in their life and they do not know where to go. Tanja’s vocals are very melodic in this one. Unchain is a great ballad and is a perfect fit for the album. Other tracks that are worthy of mention are Heart of Darkness, Over Me and Every Single Day. I don’t think there is even one bad song on the album. Even the Song Better Days is worth listening to. I am so glad that Tanja was part of this band and had been for many years. She combines beauty and talent and that is a great combination. I even got the chance to chat with her online in the forum on the band’s website when it was up and running. As of 2011, they had re-launched their website. Lullacry are one of the best bands to come out of Finland. Lullacry would disband in 2014 after 16 years in the music business. I am saddened to see them leave as Tanja had a soothing yet powerful voice that could really calm you. The music these guys put out each album was terrific as well. I would say that Lullacry were one of the top five gothic rock bands ever.

The song called Alright Tonight

How does the album compare to other bands?

This album is recommended for fans of other Gothic metal or rock bands such as To Die For, Reflexion, Flowing Tears, and Edenbridge. Lullacry should have gotten more recognition because this band is really solid. It really amazes me how all these other artists who don’t even have half the talent that Lullacry does get popular. This CD deserves a solid nine out of ten points from me. Finland is such an awesome country that with their small population they are able to come out with such high quality rock and heavy metal.

If you need an instant mood booster or if you want to listen to good, high quality heavy rock, then Lullacry’s Alright Tonight single is a CD that you should definitely have in your collection. Crucify My Heart is also a necessary CD to have if you enjoy Gothic style hard rock. 2003 was a solid year for Lullacry as they solidified their reputation as a great Gothic rock band. They would only get better with the release of Vol. 4 in 2005 with such classic songs as Stranger in You and Soul in Half.

The song called Every Single Day

The song called Pitch Black Emotions

The song called Over Me

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The song called Heart of Darkness


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