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Updated on January 21, 2012

episode 2

David awoke in a cold sweat to the sound of the fire alarm going off. All he could remember of his dream was being in a burning building and trying to get to a victim when a wall of flame cuts him off and he hears the victim scream as she begins to burn, and he can not get through the fire to save her. He is thankful for the alarm. He jumps off the cot and heads for the trucks and gear with the rest of the crew. He has been here for a month now, and the Captain discovered that even though he really loved fighting the fires, it was saving lives that was most important to him, so he put him on the rescue squad. That meant that he still fought fires, but if there was any chance a person was stuck in a burning building, He and Ben and Abe would go in and attempt to rescue them.

On the way to the fire, David tried to remember his dream, wondering if it was just a dream, or if it was a warning of something that would happen. When they got to the fire, it was a duplex, both sides heavily involved, everyone safely out. That meant he would be free to go where ever the Captain needed him. The Captain sent David and Andy to vent the left side of the duplex and Matt and Brian and Daniel to vent the right side. When they had done that and had come back, the others had the hoses out and were ready to take on the fire. They fanned out, some soaking the buildings to either side of the duplex as they were already beginning to burn, others sending water to the top of the duplex. There was no sense risking going into the building as everyone could see it was completely involved and the roof was close to collapsing by this time. David wondered at how hot and fast the fire was burning. A house this size did not normally get to the point of collapse this fast. It seemed like no matter how much water they poured on the fire, it defied their efforts. At least the way it was burning didn't spread to the nearby buildings and where they had begun to burn, the fires were quickly doused. David went to the Captain. He told him that he had a suspicion the duplex fire was arson and was being fueled by some chemical because the water was not putting the fire out. The Captain agreed and called for a HAZMAT team from another fire dept. This time it took them ten minutes to arrive. It was difficult to determine what type of chemical was fueling the fire without getting a sample. The HAZMAT team decided to spray a foam over it as it was obvious no one was able to get a sample. They sprayed the foam over a portion of the corner of the duplex nearest them, and it suffocated the fire, effectively killing it. So they continued spraying until the fire was completely out. The fire Marshall was called in to investigate the source of fire, as arson was suspected. The Firefighters returned to their house and got their trucks ready for another call, then they rested.

David was sitting at the bench cleaning his SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) when he looked up and saw young Marcus standing by the open big bay door. He calls for Marcus to come on over and have a seat. Marcus does, and David sees that Marcus appears concerned about something. He asks Marcus if there is something bothering him. At first Marcus says no, but then he says yes. He says his sister is missing. David asks if he has told the police. He says yes, but they don't feel it is a missing persons case. David asks why not. Marcus finally admits that it is because she had recently begun hanging around with a bad crowd, and the police think she may have simply decided to stay with them for good. Marcus don't though, and he knows his sister, and she might hang with the bad crowd, but it was only because she was trying to convince her best friend to get away from them. She came home every night. She has been gone two nights now. David promises to look for her, but only if Marcus promises not to go looking for her. It is hard, but Marcus agrees. He gives David a picture of Selena. David enlists his two closest friends, Ben and Abe, and whenever they have free time, they go hunting for Selena. But it truly seems she has disappeared.

Three days and no luck. Marcus is beginning to show signs of breaking his promise and go searching himself. Then they are sent to a fire in a gang controlled area. It is again obvious arson, but this time, the fuel is just gasoline. David is one of two teams working the fire from the inside, and he has the nozzle. They have gotten well inside the building when a burning beam falls, striking him and knocking him sprawling to the side. He is lucky the beam didn't land on him, crushing him. but now he is disoriented, and because of the smoke, he can no longer see his partner. He yells Brian's name but gets nothing. He begins working his way to where he thinks Brian should be. Then he hears a muffled voice cry out, "help me, please". He wonders if it is Brian. He works his way towards the voice. As he comes through a doorway he sees what he thinks is a woman just standing there, with her arms raised, but this doesn't make sense, why would a woman just stand there in the middle of a burning building? Then he again hears the voice cry out, "Help me, Please, Help me". He then understands that it is she that has called for help and that she isn't just standing there, but she is tied there. Just as he comes to this conclusion, however, the space between himself and the woman erupts into a wall of flame. David knows there is no time for thinking and he throws himself across the wall of flame towards the woman. Once there he is at a momentary loss at how to free her. He puts his oxygen on her for a few seconds then takes it back long enough to grab up a small burning brand, then he gives her back the oxygen while he burns through her ropes. Every few seconds he takes a breathe of the oxygen, And as soon as the ropes are burnt through, he takes the ropes off her wrists, then he takes his turnout jacket off and puts it on her, then scoops her up. It was as he was burning the ropes off that he realized the woman was Marcus' sister, she was no woman, but a fifteen year old kid. Once she was wrapped in the jacket, he made his second run through the flames. This time the flames didn't seem to have an ending. Finally he came bursting out the other side of the flames, bowling Brian over in the process. Brian immediately turned the hose on him and put the fire out. David, who never realized he had even been on fire, managed to get up and with Brian's aid, got the girl outside, Where Ben and Abe took care of her. David tried to help, but because he inhaled so much hot air and smoke, he promptly passed out.

When he woke up, he found himself in the burn unit of the hospital. He was lucky to escape with minor burns and they were able to get the black gunk out of his lungs. He was released soon enough from the hospital, and he was not long returned to the Firehouse when Marcus came to thank him. His sister was going to be fine. David wanted to know why she had been tied and left to burn. Marcus said it was because she had been successful in getting her friend to leave the gang, and it was their revenge on her. She would be going out to Oregon to stay with an aunt and uncle, so she would be safe. David was glad to hear that. So was Marcus.

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