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Updated on August 29, 2011

episode 6

The crew were just finishing up breakfast when the alarm went off. They rushed into their gear and trucks and headed out towards the address given by the dispatch. They were told a boy had gone up a tree in an attempt to rescue his cat, and had gotten stuck, but the situation had gotten worse than that when the branch the boy had been resting on broke and the boy fell several feet. They weren't sure what to expect, but hoped the kid was not to badly injured. When they arrived, they parked the tower truck closest to the tree in question, a towering pine tree. David and Ben got in the bucket with a backboard while Abe prepared things below. Brian raised the bucket twenty feet up to where the boy lay sprawled across several branches. He did not respond to their calls, but the small kitten sitting on his chest did, hissing at them in fear and defiance. David and Ben looked at each other, then David reached over, before the kitten could react, and grabbed it up and stuck it in one of the pouches of his turnout jacket. They then turned their attention on the boy. They both recognized him as Jack, one of the boys that liked to hang out at the firehouse. It took some doing, but they were finally able to get the backboard in place and slid under him. Once he was strapped in, they pulled him onto the bucket and radioed Brian to bring them down. Meanwhile they took Jack's vitals and radioed these to Abe. When they arrive, David is pleased and relieved to see that Isabella and her crew are there. She takes over the care of Jack and gets him secured in the ambulance, but before she leaves, she takes a moment to reassure David that she will let him know how the boy does. She tells him this is her last run for the day, then she will head over to the nursing home to spend the day with her mom, if he should need her for anything.

The crew have returned to the firehouse and are taking off their turnouts when he suddenly remembers the kitten. He takes the little kitten out of the pocket, where the warmth and darkness of the pocket had been like a security blanket and kept it calm. The guys realize he has the kitten still and gathers around to admire the tiny size, for to them it is very small, though it is three months old. He is a very brave kitten, and hisses a few times to let them know he is not afraid of all these giants, but this only serves to amuse them. David admires his courage and takes him to a quiet place. He feeds him some cold cuts and water and gives him a towel to sleep on. He will keep him til Jack gets out of the hospital. It is the least he can do for the boy, since the boy obviously loved the kitten enough to brave climbing such an intimidating tree, he would not risk anything happening to the kitten. Then he went to the Captain and explained why he wanted to keep the kitten and for how long. The Captain agreed to it, even volunteered to pick up some kitten food and litter when he went to the market that afternoon. David thanked him.

An hour later the alarm went off again. They were being sent to a street that had been under construction for the last three weeks. The Captain was not sure what the problem was...some kind of hole. When they got there they discovered just what kind of hole. Apparently where they were working, there was an old underground riverbed, and their work caused a large sinkhole. One of their heavy pieces of machinery fell in the hole with the driver, as did two cars that were passing it at the time. Unfortunately, the one car was under the machine, and they did not expect anyone to survive being so crushed. The second car slid in beside it. They pulled out the ropes and rappelling equipment and David and the twins hooked up and began to descend into the hole. Ben was first down and stopped at the machine. The driver was not badly hurt, but was shaken up and frightened. Ben reassured him and calmed him down. He talked him through getting out of the machine and embracing him so that they could be pulled back to the top. Meanwhile Abe and David stopped at the first car. There was only a young woman driver in it. David asked Abe if he needed help. Abe said he had it. David told him he would then go down and check out the second car. When he got there, he was almost afraid to look. He just knew that whoever was in that car had to be dead. Finally he allowed himself to slip low enough to see in the window...and he nearly died.

He didn't even know he stopped breathing until his lungs forced him to breathe again. How could his Isabella be here? He reached in through the window and gently touched her cheek. And her eyes opened. He let out a sob. "Isa. What are you doing here, baby? You were spending the day with your mom". A single tear leaks from Isa's eye. She opens her mouth and tries to speak, but can't. David lays his fingers gently over her lips. "Don't say anything, love. It will be ok, we'll get you out of here, please just hang on, promise me you won't give up". All she can do is a tiny nod, but she is crying, and it takes everything in him not to cry to. Suddenly he feels someone coming down next to him. He looks up to see Ben. "Ben, Oh God, Ben. I need the Jaws" "Whats wrong David, you look like you've seen a ghost". "Ben, It's Isa in there, help me get her out, please". "Oh man. Ok, All right, just stay calm, man, I'll be right back...It's gonna be ok, ya hear me"? With that, Ben makes a mad scramble back to the top where he informs the rest of the crew of this unexpected and heartbreaking news. The crew move into high gear and even though it will be tight quarters, the Jaws are sent down. Meanwhile, David keeps talking to Isa, trying to keep her from slipping away from him. Up top, the Captain arranges for some of the other heavy equipment to act as tow machines, and they hook chains and ropes up to the machine in the hole. With David acting as guide, in constant contact with the Captain, and the Captain in contact with the construction manager, the towing machines begin to move in tandem, very, very slowly. David watched Isa like a hawk. He watched her car.

As the machine on her car begins to rise, so does her car, stuck to the machine. David yelled up to the Captain, forgetting that the Captain could clearly hear him through the radio..."Stop, she's stuck to the machine"! He heard the Captain relay the order to stop. Then the Captain asked him what he meant. He told him the metal of her car was stuck to the machine. There was nothing for it, they would not be able to risk raising the machine without risking dropping the car and thus risking Isa's life. David and Ben began working with the Jaws, cutting as much of the roof of the car off as they could reach. Finally, after what seemed like hours, they were able to pry the roof back. When David was able to see Isa completely, he wanted to cry out, but he clamped his mouth shut and kept an iron control on his emotions, he had to be strong for her. Abe let down the backboard and with every ounce of care they could muster, they moved Isa to the board. There was so much blood, David was afraid she would have none left.

Finally, with David at her head and Ben at her feet, they slowly moved upwards. David was very surprised to see a helicopter waiting for them when they got there. The Captain told him he was done with his shift, go with Isa. He didn't need to be told twice. About an hour later the crew came in to see how Isa was doing. That nearly undid his control. David knew they were there for him, they cared for him, but until now, he hadn't known that love would extend to his loved ones. They could not stay but it gave him strength and comfort to know they were there for him. Finally the Dr. came out. He told David that he was amazed that Isabella would not only live, but probably make at least an eighty percent recovery if not a full recovery. He does not know how, he can't take credit, but that is his prognosis. David is overwhelmed with joy and relief. He asks if he might go in and see her. The Dr. gives his permission. She is not awake yet, but David still gets comfort just being close to her. He sits down near her and lays his head on his arms and thanks God that He did not take her from him that day. He doesn't think he can live without her now that he has her in his life.

Several days later, with Isabella well on her way to recovery and David back in the firehouse, David looks up to see Jack walk in. Jack looks sad, and David asks him why the sad face. Jack tells him he has spent the last two days searching for his lost kitten. He thinks it must be dead. He loves that little kitten so much, his grandma gave it to him and made him promise to be a big boy and take responsibility for it. David tells him to hold on and goes into the other room. Soon he returns and hands over a small box. When Jack opens the box and the kitten peeks out, Jack is overjoyed and grabs David in a bear hug of happiness. David thinks there is no job as good as his.

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