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Fireman Sam accused of anti - Muslim episode

Updated on July 27, 2016
Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam | Source
The Koran
The Koran | Source
Veiled Muslim woman
Veiled Muslim woman | Source
Gatwick Airport
Gatwick Airport | Source

On June 28 British television station Channel 5 broadcast the popular children's show of 'Fireman Sam' which showed the fire station floor where a character from the show walked across a pile of papers lying on the floor.

When the papers were gathered together it turned out bizarrely that one of the pages was a page from the Koran. The Muslim Council of Britain said it was astounded that a page from the Muslim holy book would be treated like this. Channel 5 apologised unreservedly for offence taken and said it would no longer work with the studios who produce 'Fireman Sam'.

The episode entitled 'Troubled Waters' weirdly enough has certainly stoked troubled waters particularly in these days of Islamic terrorism. Hit entertainment (you couldn't make it up could you) said also they are very sorry and did not mean to cause offence either.

The page from the Koran was identified as Surah Malk (67) which deals with creation and the punishment of non - believers (again ironically enough). Whether this was a deliberate attempt to mock Islam who can say and whether the inclusion of the Koranic verse was indeed this who can say.

But 'Fireman Sam' creator David Jones has been linked with anti - Islamic actions like when he allegedly said something to a veiled Muslim woman at Gatwick Airport that was not nice lets put it that way. He was arrested and detained for a while but otherwise he was released.

Where do you draw the line of freedom of expression and offending people but I have to wonder had this been a page from the Bible would anything have been done and would Christians have even been listened to any way.


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