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First Image of Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Updated on May 5, 2010

Finnally we could see Chris Hemsworth wearing the cape and acting like Thor, I have to confess, when Chris was choosen to the character (one of my favourites) I was a little disappointed, I thought he looks like a happy boy and not a northern God, with all that formal speech that Thor usually uses, but this picture really make me happy, is a great evolution and really looks like Thor, the uniform/armor seems to be like the actual version, that remember the classic design, I was really worried that they could make something looking like the uniform from Ultimates series, I really don't like that one (the costume, the story is amazing), I'm getting anxious to see it on the screen. And there's also Anthony Hopkins as Odin, father of Thor and the greatest Northern God.

Release date may 6, of 2011

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