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First Impressions: Inu x Boku: Secret Service

Updated on September 13, 2015

Intro and Summary

Inu x Boku: Secret Service begins with following the life of the main character, Ririchiyo Shirakin. Her family is wealthy, but this made her the target of bullying early in life. As a result, she developed a tough outer shell to deal with people. She hopes one day to build up the confidence required to interact with people in a more friendly way, but sometimes she can be very blunt to the point of being rude.

She lives in this weird complex known as "Maison de Ayakashi". She alludes to there being secrets about the place that the public doesn't know about, but to the public, it's just a private apartment complex for the rich. When she's there, she's chatting with a guy with a tattoo on his face who used to be her childhood friend, who knows that she has a sensitive core underneath her tough exterior.

Anyway, she runs into a fellow who says "I want to be your servant" and even her dog. He's not kidding. He really wants to serve her. Later, when a conveniently timed bad guy shows up and threatens Ririchiyo with a gun, the people in the complex spring into action and its proven that they can all channel various spirits, dog-dude being a dog/kitsune spirit. Ririchiyo has a power too, revealed by the fact that her eyes glowed during the encounter, but she was rescued by dog-boy before she needed to use it to defend herself.

Review and Conclusion:

This show seemed interesting. It reminded me of Fruits Basket a little because in that show there's also a group of people all living together who all have weird powers. But, in Fruits Basket, the girl has a different story and personality and the people are all related, but it is a similar concept.

One nitpick, but the show uses cherry blossoms to show the mood or that it's spring and that is so overdone in anime, kind of how like rain=sadness is overdone in western cinema.

I liked Ririchiyo, because as "magical girls" go, she's not the naive, cheerful every-girl character we see often. I like that even the first episode of the show introduces her complexity as a character.

The show's first episode introduces a mystery about who exactly these "Secret Service" people are, what they are trying to do, why they have powers, etc., and that is compelling enough to make me want more. Also, why does dog-boy think he already knows the rich girl? The show's first episode makes me interested enough in staying tuned to find out, like any first episode should.

What do you think of Boku x Inu: Secret Service? Should I do a Full Series Review? Comment please!

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  • RachaelLefler profile imageAUTHOR

    Naomi Starlight 

    5 years ago from Illinois

    I don't know, really. The pervasive theme in Ghibli movies is childhood innocence, and in that there's not many animes like that that come to mind. I haven't seen much of it, but simple comedies like Lucky Star, Azumanga Daioh, and Yotsuba&! are close. Fruits Basket and Ouran High School Host Club might be similar, but it's rare to find something exactly the same. If what you like is fantasy adventure, I'd suggest Mushishi or Moribito. It really kind of boils down to what you like most about Studio Ghibli movies.

    Also I was thinking Astroboy is probably close.

  • David Trujillo profile image

    David Trujillo Uribe 

    5 years ago from Medellin, Colombia

    Hmm not my type.

    In thruth I haven´watched anime since Dragon Ball and the Gibli films which I loved. Got anything to recommend in the style of Gibli?


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