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First Day On Set As A Film Extra

Updated on February 23, 2017

Day 1

If you have got to day 1 congratulations on being casted, now the fun starts.

  • You have arrived on set now go look for white marquee that says “crowd holding” or “SA holding” or the one that has loads of tables and chairs and probably full people on their phones.

  • In said marquee will be the 2nd AD signing extras in for the day. You will know who it is as they will have ear piece, radio and probably wearing shorts. They will also have loads of salary vouchers with them.
  • Once signed in head on over to catering for FREE breakfast (If you had an early call time) always be polite to catering staff and allow crew/actors to go before you.

  • Once eaten put your rubbish away and wait for costume department to call you in. You will then be given your costume unless you have been told to bring certain clothes. Once dressed you will head on over to makeup and hair.

Be warned costume department are very protective of their clothing!

  • After hair and make up you will probably either go back to the holding area or straight to set ready for filming.

Do not take your phone on set unless asked to do so. Make sure it is on silent or turned OFF

  • On set wait to be told what to do, normally pretending to drink, talk, laugh, dancing, walking etc etc very easy stuff. Your job is to fill the background to make the scene more real for the actors.

  • Come lunch time, you head back to catering and wait for crew/actors to get their food first, you then take your lunch back to the holding area to eat. Do not get your costume messy...seriously they will flip!
  • Only smoke in the designated areas if your at a studio like Pinewood or Elstree. If on location then smoke outside away from non smokers and don’t get ash on your costume!
  • Once the AD has shouted “that’s a wrap” this means you have now finished for the day so head on other to costume department to return the clothing unless it’s yours.
  • When you have got back into your own clothes and removed any hair pieces and make up head over to the holding area with your salary voucher (chit) which was given to you in the morning. Make sure you have signed it, put your NIN and filled out your details. The 2nd AD will then fill the rest and sign it with your pay.


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