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Six 90's Bands Getting Into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and why. n: (hint: one is Fugazi)

Updated on August 20, 2013
abyssinal profile image

Elton graduated from Common Sense University, is a father, artist and is currently featured on multiple blogs, sites and even edits a few.

The 90's were a weird and glorious time for rock music. The decade began with surly, sleazy hard rock bands like Guns & Roses and ended with uptight whiny rock like Creed. The musical genius that happened in between those intervening years is, only now, being seen as influential and important.

Despite some of these bands being ineligible...for now (25 years must pass, from the date a band's first commercial album was released for a band to meet eligibility requirements to be inducted). Why not toss a few names into the running? What can it hurt? The bands on this list are a shoe in's why...



Eligible for induction in 2013, Fugazi, a band from Washington D.C., aside from being relatively unknown to most mainstream music listeners, may be one of the most influential bands of the past 30 years.

Both Pearl Jam and Nirvana list them as one of their greatest influences (Pearl Jam envied their business model and Nirvana their ethos, respectively.)

Their blending of punk, avant garde stylings and use of a "hype man" has influenced many of their contemporaries and countless musicians there after.


Soundgarden, eligible in 2011 for the Hall of Fame, have garnered 8 Grammy nominations and won twice in the mid-90's. Their brand of heavy guitar driven rock mixed with creative arrangements sling shot them into the mainstream during the "grunge rock" surge in the 90's.

Despite Soundgarden being a predecessor to Nirvana, they emerged in the wake left by them. Still they managed to carve out a respectable place in music and influence artists to this very day.

Nine Inch Nails

Though, Nine Inch Nails won't be eligible for Hall of Fame induction until 2014, the significance of their legacy can't be overstated. Coming to mainstream music consciousness a little after 1989 with the release of Pretty Hate Machine, Nine Inch Nails have continued to influence artists. They've even sparked a few groups to copy their form, in their own way (Orgy, Stabbing Westward, etc.).


Eligible in 2008, Pantera has been passed over many a time, to the chagrin of their fans. Forming in 1981, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was never their goal, however.

They preferred to focus instead on producing quality, heavy, groove oriented metal. In doing so, they have influenced countless heavy metal, hard rock and rap acts to more creative heights.

Despite being snubbed of an induction the year they were eligible, fans of the band are petitioning to remedy the situation. Whether it expedites the process is anyone's guess. Given the long shadow their legacy has cast, their induction is entirely ensured.


2017 is the year Radiohead is eligible for induction. Will it happen?

Assuredly. Radiohead, an English alternative rock outfit, formed in 1985 are living legends in the music industry. Nominated for 18 Grammys and winning 3, Radiohead have secured a place in music relative to that enormous success.

Bands such as Muse, Cold Play and Jay Z touting them as major influences and having their songs covered by everyone from Alanis Morrissette to Gnarls Barkley, does a lot to solidify their position as Rock Hall of Fame luminaries.


What list of 90's bands destined for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would be complete without Nirvana? This band single-handedly reshaped the sound scape of music with their major label debut.

They ushered in a new, volatile guitar wrecking style of rock that's still reverberating today. Nirvana, during their short tenure, forced and influenced the entire music industry, from their contemporaries to seasoned artists to dance to their tune. Then, like a puff of smoke from an extinguished flame, they were gone...but, far from forgotten.

The gravitas of their music will be felt and heard for years and years to come. Will they make the cut and get the induction nod? It's been a foregone conclusion since their debut.

Until these bands actually get inducted, their induction is always open to speculation. Sure, there are other bands from that decade that will make it. There's no doubt at all that, that will happen.

Still, the power exuded by the bands listed seems almost palpable--concrete. Will that be enough to ensure their admittance into the hallowed hall? Who really knows for sure...but, in the should.


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    • profile image

      Max 3 years ago

      Saying that Nirvana set the wake for the 90's "grunge rock" is the silliest thing ive ever heard. They may have been one of the larger groups from the 90's, but there were lots of other bands to start the movement.

    • abyssinal profile image

      Elton Edgar 3 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Radiohead has won three Grammys among other awards for their albums, none of which were for "Pablo Honey", which contained their "hit" Creep. They've been touted as innovative, ground breaking and extremely influential by media worldwide, musicians and artists from all manner of media. So, there's a reason they, like the others, made this list.

      I wanted to showcase a few lesser known prospects and a few "givens" that might get into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains are no brainer picks. They're obviously getting in due to their pop relevance. Well, Pearl Jam is anyway, though, they're hardly innovative or award winning. Hell, they've won more MTV awards than anything. They do kind of "shotgun" your one hit theory to crap, as the last "hit" they had was what? "Alive"? They fell off the pop radar a long time ago.

      Some of the bands I listed were never on it to begin with. So, keep listening to your corporation approved, "less think, more buy" rock and roll band list. Leave the actual appreciation to actual fans of the genre.

    • profile image

      Zb 3 years ago

      You have fugazi and radiohead on here. But no Alice in chains or pearl jam who both deserve more recognition. Radiohead had one hit and refused to play it in concert. Their best song they refused to play. They need shot before inducted anywhere. So keep on listening to creep and your shotgun music selection

    • profile image

      Brianna 4 years ago

      I think it should be Green Day all the way

    • FatFreddysCat profile image

      Keith Abt 4 years ago from The Garden State

      Cool hub.

      I'm sure that Soundgarden and Nirvana are no-brainers for eventual Hall inclusion.

      It would be nice to see Pantera get in there too but I doubt it'll happen in my lifetime.