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Five of the UK's best music concerts

Updated on February 17, 2014

5 of the UKs most popular music festivals

Are you a music lover and world traveler? If so, here are some of the festivals that are recommended for your itinerary.

1. The Isle of Wight Festival

This festival is one of the most coveted festivals in the UK. Before he died, Jimi Hendrix played at this incredible event that is often compared to Woodstock and Glastonbury. In the seventies, the concert was so popular that 600,000 were in attendance. At the time, it was one of the largest human gatherings in the world’s history. Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam made the list in 2012.

2. Reading Festival

The Reading Festival has been one of the most popular music festivals since 1961. This is one of the world’s most popular music festivals, and it is also one of the longest-running music festivals. It is a tradition, at this festival, that the audience throw bottles at bands if the music isn’t up to par. This is rare, but the “bottling off” tradition continues annually.

3. T in the Park

Though this concert is hosted in Scotland, it is one of the largest festivals in the area. T stands for the primary sponsor, Tennents, which is a brewing company. This concert features nearly 200 artists that play this venue over a course of three days. The artists have nine arena stages to impress the crowd and four campsite stages. This venue has hosted acts such as the Foo Fighters and Blink-182.

4. Leeds Festival

Leeds Festival often runs in conjunction with the Leeds Festival. The music festivals are run by Festival Republic, a UK music promoter. Punk, heavy metal, alternative, and indie rock are typically featured at the meeting. The same bands are featured at both events. Attendees can choose to go to either event.

5. Bestival

The Bestival won an award for being one of the best major festivals. Annually, the festival attracts 50,000 to 100,000 in attendance. Everything from punk to pop is played at this event. If you are looking for events, there is no need to pull out your West London Guide. Bestival is one of the coveted festivals around.

Where to Stay

Depending on where you are in the UK there are number of accommodation options. Because I know you're a stylish traveller I've decided to include only the very best of the bunch. So that means you can be down in the muck and dirt on the festival days, and come back to paradise.

  • The Isle of Wight - The Hambledon Hotel [link]
  • Reading - The Beech House Hotel [link]
  • Glasgow (T in the Park) - Premier Inn [link]
  • Leeds - The Chambers Park Palace [link]
  • London (Bestival) - The K-West Hotel & Spa [link]

Isle of Wight Festival (highights 2012)

Reading & Leeds (2012 highlights)

T in the Park (highlights 2012)

What no Glastonbury?

That's right I'm not putting in Glastonbury. It's a legend but I only wanted to do five, and frankly who hasn't heard of Glastonbury!

So, if you want to hear some of the best music artists in the world, you should make every attempt to go to one of these five featured festivals. The bands make every attempt to connect with their fans through music and make the event fun for everyone, and you can get up close to your stars. If you're single many a marriage was began at a music festival!

So what are you waiting for?


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