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Five Best Movies to Watch During a Good Night In

Updated on January 22, 2012

Everyone likes a good night in, and I'm no exception. Of course it can be hard to choose a movie especially when you've seen all the good ones or if you have a night in planned with some friends and have no idea what they'll like.

Below are some great movies that you may not have seen that cover several genres and are all great for making you laugh, cry or hold your breath. With these five in hand, you should be able to keep everyone happy. Either order them online (all five are great for watching again and again) or hop in the car and visit your local movie store to borrow them for the night.

Then go grab some dinner or chips and popcorn and take a seat - the show is about to begin!

The family comedy: The Castle.

Starring: Michael Caton, Stephen Curry

Released in: 1997

About the movie: This movie tells the story of a close knit Australian family who live in a lower class section of Melbourne, close to power lines and airport. The father, Darryl, believes that a man's house is his castle and loves his castle dearly. When a real estate assessment is followed by a compulsory acquisition by the airport, Darryl and his family decide to fight back to keep their house. What follows is a very funny, very unique and very heart touching story of a family's fight for the simple things in life - with a little help along the way.

The Thriller: The game

Starring: Michael Douglas, Sean Penn

Released in: 1997

About the movie: Nicholas Van Orton is the business man of the family. He has the money, the poise and the good life. His brother Conrad, who is the black sheep of the family is out of ideas as to what to buy the man who has everything. In the end he simply urges Nicholas to visit a company called Consumer Recreation Services, saying how life changing the group is. After various tests and questionaires, Nicholas' game begins. However the question remains - is it just a game? Throughout the movie, mounting evidence points to the game being some sort of elaborate scheme involving smuggling, lies, and even murder but each time Nicholas believes that he has uncovered the game's secrets, a new layer of complexity is found. 

Where the heart is
Where the heart is

The Romance: Where the heart is.

Starring: Natalie Portman, Ashley Judd, Stockard Channing, Joan Cusack.

Released in: 2000

About the movie: This movie is a heart touching feel good movie about a girl called Novalee Nation who has all the bad breaks in her life. She hates the number five since it always bodes bad luck in her life. After buying a pair of shoes and receiving $5.55 in change, a heavily pregnant Novalee runs out of the store to find her baby's father has left her there, alone in a strange town with nothing but her camera. Novalee has nowhere to go so spends the nights sleeping in the local walmart and the days wandering the town. The birth of her baby catapults her into the public's attention for a short time but kind people help her pick up the pieces and eventually she finds love in the last place she expected.

The Movie That Makes You Think: Memento.

Starring: Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss

Released in: 2000

About the movie: Leonard saw his wife murdered and was harmed so badly that he lost his short term memory. He must use a series of notes to himself as reminders as he follows various clues in the search for his wife's killer. Various people who know of his memory loss give him information and aid, but of course he can never be sure if they mean him help or harm without checking his notes. This movie is amazingly well done with multiple directions and a very interesting ending.

The Thirteenth Floor
The Thirteenth Floor

The Drama: The Thirteenth Floor.

Starring: Craig Bierko, Armin Mueller-Stahl

Released in: 1999

About the movie: Hannon Fuller is the owner of a multi-billion dollar computer company and the creator of a recently completed virtual reality system based around 1937 Los Angeles. Hannon's friend, Douglas Hall, is immediately under suspicion as the perpetrator of the murder. Many twists follow as Douglas meets Hannon's estranged daughter who he never knew of, discovers messages and surprises inside the virtual reality world and tries to prove his own innocence.


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    • profile image

      Seb 6 years ago

      Terrible movies. All of them.

    • salt profile image

      salt 6 years ago from australia

      The Castle is fun and the other movies look good too. Ill have to make an effort to sit down and have a good movie night or afternoon.

    • Pcunix profile image

      Tony Lawrence 7 years ago from SE MA

      The Caste sounds like fun, but Netflix doesn't have it :-(