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5 Bizarre Ghostly Manifestations from Film

Updated on November 30, 2011

What is a ghost?

So by now we all can tell what a ghost looks like, right? Most movies show ghosts as an ethereal, transparent person, or perhaps a person how they looked at the moment of their death or even after with more decomposition, but usually they meet a standard prototype of how a ghost should look. But once in a while a movie will present us with a ghost or ghostly entity that is so unexpected or abnormal that we'd be unable to identify it as a ghost/apparition out of context. Here are five of them that I know of and some information about them.

spoilers below...

The Dog/Bear Man

Film: The Shining (1980)

Scene(s): In a quick scene near the end of the film, Wendy (the film's protagonist) is running down the hallway in an empty, haunted hotel trying to escape with her son and she stops, shocked by what she sees in a previously empty room. It is what looks like a man in a creepy wolf/bear costume on his hands and knees at the foot of the bed. As he turns and looks at her, a man in a tuxedo sits up on the bed and looks at her as well. It becomes apparent that these two were engaged in some sort of sexual act. Wendy screams and continues running through the hotel...

???: The film does not explain this scene, but if you're familiar with the book then you'd know who this ghost was. In the book it describes Horace Derwent (an eccentric, bisexual millionaire and one of the hotel's previous owners) at a ghostly masquerade ball with one of his ex lovers named Roger who dressed up as a dog to try to win Horace back...and according to this scene in the movie, it worked. It ended up being one of the film's most confusing yet shocking scenes.

"Ponytail-face Girl"

Film: Gin Gwai 2 (The Eye 2) (2004)

Scene(s): After a horrifying ghostly experience at a bus stop, the protagonist of the film, Joey (a young pregnant woman who is able to see ghosts) gets into a taxi. She then notices a woman sitting next to her, her long black hair tied back in a ponytail. It almost looks as if the woman is sitting backwards facing out the back window but it then becomes apparent she is facing forward with her head on backward. She then turns and faces Joey and leans toward her and we see that the back of her head is on both sides with another ponytail where her face should be.

???: Not really sure about the details on this one, I'll have to get back to you...


Film: Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital (Television Miniseries) (2004)

Scene(s): He is a frequently recurring character throughout the series. He first shows up when a man is hit by a car. The man ends up paralyzed in a ditch off the side of the road. Antibus appears to him as a giant anteater with long sharp teeth who is able to telepathically communicate with the man, who then drags the man onto the road so he can be seen and helped to the hospital. Antibus appears to people who are dying, close to death, psychic, or the spirits of people who have already died. He is usually accompanied by the ghost of a little girl.

???: Antibus is revealed to be the god Anubis and the guardian of the dead. He appears as different things to different people and when he introduced himself to the little girl who is usually with him, she thought he said Ant-ibus and saw him as an anteater.

Red Pyramid

Film: Silent Hill (2006)

Scene(s): A woman named Rose is searching for her daughter in a seemingly abandoned town when it suddenly becomes engulfed in a nightmarish alternate reality populated with horrific deformed creatures. As she runs through the suddenly hellish school, a tall figure emerges from around the corner and begins to pursue her. It looks like a 7 foot tall muscular man with an apron made of skin and a large metal triangular helmet. He also carries with him a giant knife-like sword. He tries to get to her by slicing through a metal door but ends up vanishing before he reaching her. Later he materializes behind a young woman and after lifting her up by her neck he proceeds to rip her clothes off, then her skin.

???: The "Red Pyramid" turns out to be a supernatural manifestation of a little girl's pain from being burned alive, sent to punish the townsfolk responsible and seek revenge. His appearance is based on the look of the executioners from the town's dark past. 

Psychomagnotheric Slime

Film: Ghostbusters II (1989)

Scene(s): This living pink slime began forming under the streets of New York city, eventually seeping out from the surface causing inanimate objects to come to life and releasing spirits. At the film's climax it ends up covering an art museum, trapping the protagonists inside.

???: It turns out to be a psycho-reactive ectoplasm which feeds on emotion. Since the inhabitants of New York city are usually in a bad mood, the slime became negatively charged and hostile.

Which do you think is the most bizarre?

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If you can think of any other weird looking spirits from any movie let me know...


I recently watched the Thai film "Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives" and OMG WTF is this?!?!

It's what your long lost son looks like when he returns...apparently


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    • UndercoverAgent19 profile image

      Jen Corrigan 3 years ago

      Loved this hub! I haven't watched any of these movies in their entirety, but I'm definitely tempted to do so after reading this. The Wolf/Bear Man, I think, is the most bizarre, at least by the picture.

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      Interesing hub on some movies I am not familiar with .....I will be checking them out.....voted up