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Five Famous People Born on September 13

Updated on October 24, 2011
Dad in the waiting room at my ob/gyn's office toward the end of my first pregnancy.
Dad in the waiting room at my ob/gyn's office toward the end of my first pregnancy.

It's My Dad's Birthday!

My father was born on this day in 1950 - midway through the 20th century. I thought I would celebrate his 61st birthday by picking up the "Five Famous People ..." series that I started at the beginning of this year.

My dad has dedicated his life to educating and mentoring America's youth and improving teacher performance. He's been a youth minister, an educator, and even an educational consultant for the state of Kentucky. He's not as famous as the other people mentioned in this hub, but I think he's pretty special.

For some reason (this was not at all planned), the five famous people chosen for this list are all female. There are so many famous people who were born on this day, I had a hard time picking just five. But, like my dad, all these women have touched my life in some way, so I wanted to pay tribute to them also in my dad's happy birthday hub.


Nell Carter

This funny, beautiful, talented actress was born on September 13, 1948. She would be 63 years old if she was still alive today. I almost literally grew up with Nell Carter I watched Gimme a Break almost every time it was on. And, yes, I am old enough to have watched it the very first year it aired!

After the show ended, I kind of lost track of Nell Carter. I was so young, I didn't really understand why she disappeared. I didn't know about her drug problems and her multiple bankruptcies.

Then, almost 20 years later, I saw her playing a psychiatrist on Reba. I couldn't believe my eyes. Nell Carter, after all these years. That's when I started researching what had happened to the star over the years. Sadly, Carter died not even two years after her short-lived role.

Still, her memory lives on. I can still hear her voice singing that theme song. Happy birthday, Nell.

Gimme a Break Theme Song (Version 2)


Jean Smart

This gorgeous lady was born on my dad's first birthday. That makes her 60 this year! I know she's been in a ton of television shows and movies, but she will always be Charlene Frazier Stillfield to me!

Designing Women was another television show I grew up watching. And I continued to watch it when it went into syndication and the reruns were shown every morning on Lifetime. That's how I would start every morning in college. I'd drink coffee and watch Designing Women reruns.

Charlene, I think, was always my favorite character. I liked Julia, too, but Charlene was my favorite. She never was as dumb as she was supposed to be, I don't think. And she was definitely the sweetest of the bunch. I loved it when she met and married the love of her life. And then when she had a baby and Dolly Parton appeared? Classic! Happy birthday, Charlene - I mean Jean. Hope it's a great one!

One of the Best Designing Women Moments Ever!


Michelle Duggar

Prolific reality TV mom Michelle Duggar is 45 today! I'm sure that she'll be getting lots of birthday presents, too. At least, there are a lot of people in her family - and more to come.

I had never heard of the Duggars until just a few years ago when they got their very own reality show. Why is this family special enough to rate their own show? Because they have produced 19 children, and number twenty may be on the way! Now, this is apparently not a record for the most children ever to be born to one woman, but it definitely is impressive. It's not something I see myself doing. I'm done after two!

So, the Duggars are back for another season later this month, and maybe we'll find out if there's another Duggar on the way. They already have two grandchildren. I just can't imagine having children older than my own brothers and sisters ... Still, to each his own. It apparently works very well for the Duggars. More power to them!

Watching Michelle Duggar has helped me see how I can be a more organized mom. I'd imagine you'd have to be really organized to have that many children. And she's also helped me see that life could be much worse for me. Not that I don't love my girls - I do, with all my heart! I just really like to be able to give them attention, and I don't see how that would happen if I had seventeen more, even if I tried my best!

So, along with all the other hundreds of thousands of good wishes for a happy birthday to Michelle, I'm throwing mine up here. Happy birthday, Michelle. Thanks for being an example to all the rest of us women.


Stella McCartney

Paul McCartney's daughter, Stella, was born on this day in 1971. That makes her the Big Four-Oh!

Now, admittedly, Stella has not touched my life as much as her father has (well, really the Beatles - and mostly John Lennon). Still, in recent years she has proven to be a very talented woman in her own right. And I do think it's commendable that she hasn't tried to ride on her father's coattails and fame by trying to start her own singing career, like John Lennon's children have. Stella is her very own person, and she's very comfortable with that.

I, for one, admire her talent, and I love her perfume. Her perfume, appropriately named Stella, has changed my perception of rose-based fragrances forever. I have generally not been a fan of rose-based scents simply because they are way too - rosy. But not Stella. It captures the essence of the rose without being sickly sweet or overpowering. Even better: it's great for younger women and older women. Any woman can wear this fragrance with confidence!

So, I doubt that anyone is buying Stella her own perfume for her birthday, but it would make a great birthday gift for any woman you know.


Fiona Apple

Born on this day in 1977, Fiona Apple is just a little over six months younger than I am. It's no wonder, then, that her first album, Tidal, struck such a chord with me when it first came out.

I've always loved it - played it over and over again in my patently unreliable Sony Discman. Then I loaned it to a friend in college and never saw it again! But, ten years later, I bought a cheap replacement off of eBay and rediscovered the magic of Fiona's voice and the beauty and truth of her poetic lyrics.

My life has now progressed past the state of angsty madness that plagues so many youth and that identified so well with the lyrics to such Tidal songs as "Criminal," "Shadowboxer," "Never Is a Promise," and "Sleep to Dream." Still, I love pulling out the old CD and listening to it every now and then. It takes me back and makes me feel young again for a little while. Then I can come back to the beautiful reality of a (finally secured) never-ending committed love and two gorgeous little girls.

Video for Fiona Apple's Criminal on YouTube


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    • profile image

      Regs 5 years ago

      Wow! This is my birthday too.

    • sagecarter profile image

      sagecarter 5 years ago from Upstate New York

      Just stumbled upon this hub - it's adorable! Thanks for making me smile!