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Five Funny commercials you may have missed

Updated on August 16, 2010


After ten years working in the television and radio industries, I have seen my fair share of goofy, silly, and down right hilarious commercials. However, there are some that just stuck in my head over the years. Now, one thing I should note before we get into this... I am going to try and avoid the super bowl spots. This list is going to be for the somewhat less popular, maybe even overlooked, spots. The ones that only aired for a limited time or in a certain part of the country, but were so funny they warrant a second look.

There, now that we got that out of the way, let's get started. These are listed in no particular order by the way.

Silva Communications

This one is Swedish I believe. To be honest, I don't know a whole lot about this spot in particular, except that I found it while surfing youtube one night. Had to watch it two or three times it was so funny. The premise revolves around a United States battleship communicating with an unidentified radar contact. The captain wants them to move, but this contact isn't budging. Check out the spot to find out why.... and enjoy.

Corn Nuts Radio Ad

I am surprised that more people don't remember this one. Maybe that is because it didn't air for very long. I remember first hearing this commercial in the mid- late nineties, it played heavily for quite a while, then vanished without a trace. Just give it a listen and you will probably understand why.

Fair warning, the jingle is VERY catchy. Listen to it a couple times and you will likely be humming it all day.

Awesome Hub, Awesome commercial

What do you get when you put verizon, Michael Bay, a big budget, and the word "awesome" in a room together? You get this commercial.

It's nice to know, even though we hear about Michael Bay being such a hard ass on set, that he still knows how to make fun of himself. I'm sure the "awesome" paycheck didn't hurt either.

Martin Scorsese, need I say more

Here is another celebrity ad, this time from AT&T. I remember first seeing this ad play in the local movie theatre, just before the feature began. Funny stuff and a great way to get people to pay attention to the real message here. So please folks, the next time your at the movies... no cell phones. Uncle Martin says so!

Mr Video posting Hub page writer guy

What list of funny commercials would be complete without at least ONE "Real Men of Genius" Budweiser commercial? At the office I had to work, via email, with our voice over guy and I can remember. on more than one occasion, asking him to read the copy in that "Real Men of Genius" voice. Pretty sure the voice over guy would flip me the bird every time he read that too. Oh well, it was all in good fun.

In Closing

There you have it... five hilarious commercials you may have missed. There are many more, obviously, but hey, I can't sit around and post commercials all day can I? Hmm... no. Your right. I can't. Anyway, one last video I thought I would share. This is not so much a commercial as it is a behind the scenes in the making of a radio commercial with mega band, Metallica. The last line had me laughing so hard the tears fell. There is a bit of cursing, but stick with it... like I said, the last line is great. See you next time!


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    • ltfawkes profile image

      ltfawkes 7 years ago from NE Ohio

      That Budweiser thing was a series, wasn't it? As I remember, they were all funny, as are the ones in the current "Here We Go" series.

      Nice hub.



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