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Five Great Songs by Matisyahu

Updated on February 8, 2019
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Alex has been a photographer since he was in grade school. He has a diploma in digital photography. He thoroughly enjoys various arts.

All my life I've been waiting for,

I've been praying for,

for the people to say;

That we don´t wanna fight no more,

they'll be no more wars,

and our children will play.

— 'One Day', Matisyahu

'Watch The Walls Melt Down'

A Music Legend

It is by far no secret that Matisyahu (Matthew Paul Miller) is one of my favorite musicians. He is one of the most beloved of artists in the midst of our current times. He was made very famous by his mixing of Judaism and hip hop music. I am not entirely sure that I am fully capable of choosing a specific work by Matisyahu that stands higher than the rest, but I certainly can make note of some of his best songs.

We will fight with our heart,

and all that we know.

We will fight 'til the love it grows.

If the mountains should crumble and kiss the sky,

I'ma stand by what I know.

— 'Champion', Matisyahu

Young man, control in your hand.

Slam your fist on the table and make your demand;

take a stand,

fan a fire for the flame of the youth-

got the freedom to choose,

better make the right move.

— 'Youth', Matisyahu

Number One: 'One Day'

The hit song 'One Day' is easily one of my all-time favorites. The message is clear, timeless, and simply beautiful. It is a true example of just how poetic hip hop can be in the right circumstances. Matisyahu is a wonderful person, with a beautiful voice and a gorgeous message for the world to hear if we would only listen.

'One Day'

I'm the arrow, you're my bow, shoot me forth and I will go.

And I know and I go and I go get up and go.

Make me feel it's for real tell me what you know.

Tell me what you know, tell me what you know.

— 'Time Of Your Song', Matisyahu

Number Two: 'Jerusalem'

'Jerusalem' is an awesome and touching song about remembering where we came from. It is a piece about origins, and not forgetting our pasts. This song really seems to be significant to me no matter how many times I listen to it. The song is, fortunately, freely available on his Youtube channel. It is definitely worth a play!


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Number Three: 'Youth'

The beat of this one, of course when it is combined with the overall message, is just fantastic! I personally believe that Matisyahu's music is great for young people, as well as for individuals whom are going through particularly rough times.


Number Four: 'Time Of Your Song'

Like all of his songs, it would at least see, the content of this one is the profound communication of a soft and angelic soul. I have personally heard this one more times than I can give count of. Sadly, I wasn't able to find it on his Youtube channel. However, if you have the money, this song is worth buying.


It's time for a champion;

soothe the soul of the land.

Mend the heart from the sea and the sand,

until the sun comes up again.

— 'Sunshine', Matisyahu

Jerusalem, if I forget you,

fire not gonna come from me tongue.

Jerusalem, if I forget you,

let my right hand forget what it's supposed to do.

— 'Jerusalem', Matisyahu


I took my freedom back,

I packed up the knapsack,

I'm not cracked yet.

— 'Watch The Walls Melt Down', Matisyahu

Number Five: 'Champion'

'Champion' is a very cool song. It makes a number of references to his prior works, and this is simply awesome for hardcore fanatics! This musical make is much inspired, and it is a good song for one's jogging playlist.


Reach for the sky,

keep your eye on the prize.

Forever in my mind;

be my golden sunshine

— 'Sunshine', Matisyahu


Matisyahu is an angel without visible wings. What more can I possibly say about him? So much about his character and his message is beyond the scope of mere words. That is part of what the poet attempts in her/his work; to fashion the wordless into manifest communication somehow. Have you heard of Matisyahu? Do you like his work? Please let me know all of your opinions in the comments below.

© 2019 Alexander James Guckenberger


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