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Five Rare Songs of the 1980's

Updated on November 20, 2012

As a fan of the music of 1980’s, I find myself resorting to gracing my ears with the sound of that past decade as a means to cleanse from the superficial and modern music that lacks substance. There are many songs that are popular and even present-time kids are familiar with these song despite their releases years before they were even born.

  • Ministry – Everyday is Halloween

This 1984 single released by Ministry talks about the lack of acceptance and intolerance when it comes to freedom of expression and individuality. They dressed “a certain way just to keep them at bay.

  • Until December – We Are the Boys

The 1985 single was the anthem of young men who claimed that “love is a crime” they “won’t commit.

  • Simple Minds – New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)

The 2009 film The Informers opened with this 1982 hit song from the Scottish band that does not allude to anything although one could assume it was drug-related, but it was not. Lyrics like, “She is the one in front of me, the siren and the ecstasy…” may very well refer to a lady love of sorts.

  • Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Welcome to the Pleasuredome

The New Wave sensation band that shocked us with their subliminal hit Relax, released this 1984 single that earned them criticism for singing about a dangerous and do-what-you-feel lifestyle as illustrated in their music video for the song. “Moving at one million miles an hour, using my power, I sell it by the hour…”

  • EnyaCursum Perficio

This 1988 song from Enya's album Watermark might've been overshadowed by her paramount, world-wide hit Orinoco Flow out of the same CD. Cursum Perficio is sung in Latin with a dark yet arousing tone that proves Enya's versatiity and talent when singing in many languages.


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    • MarshFish profile image

      Marshall Fish 

      7 years ago

      Interesting list of songs. Funny that you mentioned FGTH's "Welcome to the Pleasuredome", as I just saw an old UK Top of the Pops clip with the band lip synching the song.Christina's right on "One Night in Bangkok". The song did get a lot of radio airplay, and was a hit single in the UK and U.S.


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