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5 Rom Coms Women and Men Can Watch Together

Updated on July 16, 2015
Still from "When Harry Met Sally"
Still from "When Harry Met Sally" | Source


It's sometimes easier said then done for a couple to come up with a romantic comedy film that both will enjoy watching together. Here is a list of five romantic comedy films that both men and women may enjoy. Of course every person's taste runs differently, so if none of these rom com movies are quite your thing there are still many others that are entertaining for both women and men to see together.

"When Harry Met Sally"

"When Harry Met Sally" is practically a rom com classic now. Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan) meet while moving to New York. They quickly decide they dislike the other and part ways. They meet again later on and form an unlikely friendship. The film follows their friendship and their struggles with relationships over a course of many years. Throughout the film there's also random scenes of multiple couples discussing how they met each other.

"When Harry Met Sally" is one of those movies that just speaks to both men and women. Most of Nora Ephron's other scripts were always more female centered and therefore a little more difficult for men to really enjoy. Her script and film "You've Got Mail" is close to having a balance of jokes everyone can appreciate, but for whatever reason "When Harry Met Sally" is a perfect blend of humor for anyone. Maybe it's because of Billy Crystal?

When Harry Met Sally Trailer

"The Princess Bride"

"The Princess Bride" is an offbeat fantasy romantic comedy film that just makes you believe in true love all over again while also chuckling. The plot revolves around a grandfather reading a story to his sick grandson. The story is about a girl oddly named Buttercup and a young farm boy named Westley. The two fall in love but unfortunately Westley is killed by the Dread Pirate Roberts. After some time Buttercup becomes engaged to Prince Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon) and is unfortunately kidnapped while out riding. She comes across many odd characters and misadventures during the kidnapping. As Buttercup's story is told the sick grandson humorously interrupts at any "mushy stuff" scenes and argues plot points with his grandfather. It borders on being parody of fantasy stories while at the same recreating itself as a new kind of story telling for a fairy tale.

It's hard to really label "The Princess Bride" as exactly a romantic comedy because it does have elements of adventure and fantasy too. That may be why it's a film that so many people can enjoy though, because it has multiple things going on along with the love story. Even kids like this movie (even if they have to watch some mushy parts with Buttercup and Westley).

The Princess Bride Trailer

"Jerry Maguire"

Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) is a sport's agent who has a moral awakening about his job. He shares this with his coworkers and ends up getting fired. He decides to use his new perspective and work on his own with Rod Tidwell, the one athlete who stays with him (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and Dorothy Boyd, his only coworker who believes in him (Renee Zellweger).

The reason why many people like "Jerry Maguire" is because it is more than just a romantic comedy. It's a mish mash of a drama and a romantic comedy film. It's also incredibly well written with classic lines like: "Show me the money!" and "You had me at hello." It's just this zealot of a film that brings the viewer down the trail of yuppie-dom and then down the rabbit hole of uncertainty of questioning the superficiality of life and realizing the joy of family, love, and taking true pride in what you do in life.

Jerry Maguire Trailer

"The Wedding Singer"

"The Wedding Singer" is set in the early 80s and centers around Robbie Hart, the best wedding singer in town (Adam Sandler) who is about to get married. At the altar his fiance jilts him which depresses him and greatly affects his ability to successfully perform during wedding receptions. He ends up striking up a friendship with a new waitress at the reception hall named Julia (Drew Barrymore). He agrees to help her plan her upcoming wedding to Glen. Robbie realizes quickly that Glen is a jerk and that he is developing feelings for Julia.

"The Wedding Singer" is just hilarious. Adam Sandler sometimes has hits and misses with his projects but this one just hits the target. Because the movie is set in the 80s they really used that to their advantage. There's plenty of side jokes referencing the 80s and plenty of 80s fashion and hair. The music soundtrack is wonderful, with 80s songs and a few songs by Adam Sandler. This is a movie that's great for a night in. Or if you're a nostalgia nut it's great if you love the 80s.

The Wedding Singer Trailer

"Four Weddings and a Funeral"

"Four Weddings and a Funeral" is a quirky little masterpiece. A small group of friends mock marriage as they attend weddings, while at the same time wonder if they'll ever find that special someone. Charles (Hugh Grant) is the main character the film follows. He makes a muck of himself at almost every wedding he goes to and perhaps he does so because he is set on being a bachelor.

This movie is so worth watching just for the characters and their funny, witty commentary. It's just got a certain level of intelligent humor that gets your mind brewing up your own little witticisms, though it's doubtful you'll execute them as well as Charles, Fiona, or particularly Gareth. It's a great movie for a rainy afternoon date.

Four Weddings and a Funeral Trailer


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