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5 Things Every Teenage Couple Does in School:

Updated on March 24, 2016
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If you are in school, or if you have ever attended school, then chances are that you have noticed a few things about all couples.

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1. Sneak in a kiss:

Every guy and girl you see in school, chastely holding hands are looking for a place to kiss. The place in question could be behind the bus, in an empty classroom, in the hallway, or whatever. They would obviously like a place cleansed of interested spectators like ourselves, but obviously, that’s difficult if not impossible in a school.

2. Move 3 ft away when a Teacher is approaching:

I don’t know about your school, but the couples in mine are wary of the teachers. If a teacher was to present himself in the scene, there would be abrupt shuffling of feet, until a space of about 3 ft is created between the lovers. This is actually the most fun to watch. And I believe even the teacher enjoys it.

3. Not talk to each other:

Well, I feel this situation. You sit together without talking because you don’t have anything to talk about, do you? Especially if you’ve kept each other awake till 2 in the morning- Talking. So now, you are simply enjoying each other’s companionship silently. But to us outsiders, it feels like there is a rift between the both of you. Just saying.

4. Pretend like they are not in a relationship:

When you and your single friends tease the couple, they’d be like Oh shut up! We’re not dating. All the while blushing ferociously. Tell me if that’s not fun. I mean if you are in a relationship, just stand up and admit it so that we all know that you and your lover are unavailable in the market.

5. Publicly fight with each other:

I have been witness to quite a number of public fights. Raised voices, and then storming off angrily. Later the both parties can be seen venting off their anger with their individual friends. And damn the reasons they have. If you’ve had someone telling you about relationship issues, then you know what I am talking about!

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