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Five Things to Look for in Sailor Moon Crystal Act 2

Updated on July 14, 2014
Ami Mizuno, also known as Sailor Mercury, is a 14-year-old girl genius who will appear in Act 2. She'll also collect other titles, such as the Soldier of Water and Wisdom.
Ami Mizuno, also known as Sailor Mercury, is a 14-year-old girl genius who will appear in Act 2. She'll also collect other titles, such as the Soldier of Water and Wisdom. | Source


  • Sailor Mercury didn't appear until episode 8 of the original 1992 anime.
  • If Sailor Mercury appears, another sailor transformation and attack is in store.
  • Will Sailor Mercury's computer, goggles, and other tech change in the rebooted anime?
  • The Disguise Pen may also make an appearance.

Did You Know?

The heavily censored DiC English dub of Sailor Moon actually had Sailor Mercury appear in episode 5. This is because the DiC dub was heavily censored and they left quite a bit of Japanese cultural references, violence, nudity, and other random bits on the cutting room floor.

The Sailor of Water and Wisdom Is Coming

As many saw last week, Ami made a teaser appearance at the end of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 1 and according to the Act 2 preview, she's confirmed. The Soldier of Water and Wisdom is coming. Talk about a breakneck pace, especially for fans of the 1992 anime. But there's a reason why Sailor Mercury is appearing so quickly: Act 2 was also when she appeared in the manga.

Fans of the 1992 anime will remember that Sailor Moon waged a number of solo adventures before Sailor Mercury came in. In fact, the original anime waited eight episodes to finally let her into the door. But it seems Toei Animation is making due so far on its promise of Crystal being a reboot of the manga, and so here she is in all her water and wisdom glory.

Who Is Sailor Mercury?

Sailor Mercury was the tactical one of the bunch, a 14-year-old genius whose dream was to become a doctor like her parents. In addition to water-type powers, her sailor soldier arsenal included a high-tech visor and hand-held computer that could scan and analyze enemy weaknesses. She's introduced as an aloof but kind student with exam scores at the top of Usagi's class.

With her introduction slated for Act 2, here are a couple of things to look for:

1. Sailor Mercury's Transformation

Sailor Mercury's transformation from the 1992 anime.
Sailor Mercury's transformation from the 1992 anime.

With every new soldier comes a new transformation scene. Fans of the 1992 series may remember each of these animation sequences by heart. These sequences are used again and again when the leading ladies transform from ordinary civilian to magical soldier.

Sailor Moon's new transformation was a combination of new and old: fancy, if a little out-of-place 3D CGI rendering, beautiful new music, and a few nods to the original choreography of the 1992 anime version. Overall, Sailor Moon's new transformation scene was pleasing and it definitely sets an exciting foundation of the sequences to come.

So the questions boil down to this:

  • Will CGI be used for Sailor Mercury as well?
  • How much of the 1992 transformation sequence will we see in Crystal's reboot (if any at all)?
  • Will different music be used for Sailor Mercury?

And most importantly:

  • How will new and old fans react to Crystal's take on Mercury's transformation?

2. Sailor Mercury's Attack Scene

Sailor Mercury has many water-based attacks throughout the series, the first is a freezing mist.
Sailor Mercury has many water-based attacks throughout the series, the first is a freezing mist. | Source

Every time a new soldier appears, so does her first attack scene. Depending on the medium - Japanese anime, the dub, or manga - the exact name of Mercury's first attack varies, but the end result is the same: a freezing mist.

As for what to expect, Sailor Moon's new attack featured 2D animation and used her original manga catchphrase (Moon Tiara Boomerang). That gives us a few ideas of what we might see in Mercury's reboot.

Some questions to ask:

  • What name will Crystal use for Sailor Mercury's new attack?
  • How much of the 1992 attack sequence will we see in Crystal's reboot?

And finally...

  • How will fans react to the new take on Mercury's signature attack?

Manga Name
Japanese Anime Name
DiC Dub Anime Name
Mercury Aqua Mist
Bubble Spray
Mercury Bubbles Blast
Each version of Sailor Mercury had a different idea of what to tell her first attack.

3. Sailor Mercury's Outfit

Sailor Mercury's finalized manga and rebooted anime designs include - or rather exclude! - sleeves.
Sailor Mercury's finalized manga and rebooted anime designs include - or rather exclude! - sleeves. | Source

This isn't a comment about fashion; we're talking about design and keeping to the original or trying something new. Keen viewers will notice that Sailor Mercury has a distinct lack of sleeves in this version. This is because she actually didn't have sleeves in the original manga, either. As for the reason, each of the soldiers in the original manga had slight differences in their outfits. For example:

  • Sailor Moon originally had a mask along with her two signature hairpieces
  • Sailor Mars had a red brooch on her skirt
  • Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus had belts

Sailor Mercury's standout design was her lack of sleeves but funnily enough, that wasn't the original plan. Her original design included long sleeves, a modified bow, and a headset. Her character design then changed to the sailor outfit you see today sans the sleeves. Talk about a fun evolution!

Questions to ask:

  • How will Sailor Mercury's outfit change throughout the series?
  • What other homages to the manga are in store when it comes to the look of the sailors?

4.Sailor Mercury's Tech

Being the tactical genius of the bunch, Sailor Mercury brought more than her intellect and powers over water to the battlefield. She also sported a visor and hand-held computer, which were used to analyze and detect enemy weaknesses.

Something to remember about this tech is it was originally conceived in the early nineties, long before widespread use of wireless Internet and touch-screen devices.

With that in mind, curiosity definitely has to ask:

  • Will Toei update Mercury's tech to match the 21st century?
  • In what other ways may tech (cell phones, Internet, etc.) show up in Crystal?
  • How will fans react to Mercury's tech?

5. Disguise Pen

Last but not least is an iconic item in the series, even if it has little to do with Mercury herself: the Disguise Pen.

The Disguise Pen was used primarily by Sailor Moon throughout the series as a way to infiltrate the enemy or just sneak into a building unnoticed. The Disguise Pen appears in Act 2 of the manga as a video game prize along with Sailor Mercury's transformation pen. This differs from the original anime, where Luna gifts the Disguise Pen to Usagi much like she did her brooch.

The Disguise Pen also brought a brief transformation sequence, which means that if Usagi gets and uses the pen in Act 2, we might just be treated to transformation sequence number three.

Questions to ask:

  • How will Usagi get the Disguise Pen in Crystal?
  • If the Disguise Pen does make an appearance, will we get another transformation sequence?
  • What new and old disguises will Usagi take in Crystal?

Act 2 Preview

If you didn't catch it yet, make sure you watch Sailor Moon Crystal's Act 2 preview.

Did You Know?

One of Sailor Mercury's original designs sported long sleeves along with a modified bow and ear microphone.
One of Sailor Mercury's original designs sported long sleeves along with a modified bow and ear microphone. | Source

Sound Your Voice

Let's hear it from you.

  • What are you looking forward to most in Crystal's Act 2?
  • Is Sailor Mercury your favorite soldier? Why?
  • What do you want to see with Sailor Mercury's new transformations and attacks?
  • Do you want Toei to update technology in Crystal or keep it the same as the original series?
  • What other things do you want to see in Crystal's Act 2?


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    • NBYomi profile image

      N B Yomi 23 months ago from Dallas, TX

      so I'm not the only Sailor-Moon fan here, but the fact that Ami is introduced so early in the Manga has me feeling like I'm being overly critical towards Crystal's pacing.

    • profile image

      Dominik 2 years ago

      Great Podcast guys. A lot of fun. I'm glad I watched 568 on my own the first time. I had a lot of lauhgs watching it again with the podcast. The first time I watched it I cried a bit during the blood donation scene. (not afraid to say it) Well done on their part with the music choices there too.I did have a couple manga complaints though. (These are mainly just my take on the manga chapter)About Coribou and his cronies surviving, I don't remember you guys complaining when Gyro was left alive by Hody. He was even deeper underwater than Coribou, just around where Fishman District was. Also, Sanji jumps out of his bubble during Blue Walk in the early part while fighting Surume too. I'm still able to suspend disbelief for that. Some time has passed since the crew have arrived on Fishman Island.When Luffy falls down the shaft, I was at least happy he didn't literally get stuck between a rock and a hard place. I know that annoys people, but I feel he is in a different situation. I mean, what if he finds Vegapunk's old helicopter invention or something, the area is very shadowy there and doesn't seem like we can see everything there yet. I mean that's only one panel. But there could be something he can still achieve.