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Five Things to Watch for in the Season Premiere of "Supernatural"

Updated on November 15, 2017
Afshan Jaffery profile image

Afshan Jaffery is a mystery writer. When she is not busy penning her next novel, she writes reviews and fan theories about popular tv shows.

Last season’s finale was not the most gripping finale but it gave viewers something new. For the first time, some fan-favorite characters left the supernatural world, but they are not really dead. Some will return this season and other will return in future episodes, but no one is ever really dead on “Supernatural.” When you have friends in high places, resurrection is easy as pie.

Sam and Dean Winchesters
Sam and Dean Winchesters | Source

The King is Dead

All hail the King of hell! Many characters died in Supernatural previously, but this one is the biggie. Mark Sheppard was playing the-friendly-neighborhood demon Crowley since Season 5. Winchesters have got friends everywhere and this is a problem. If the king of hell is on your speed dial, you only need to make a call. In earlier days, Sam and Dean survived on their own against villains, which was part of the fun.

As the show started to dwell on heaven and hell stuff, first comes an angel-friend in the form of Castiel whom fans gladly embraced with open arms, but the idea of a demon-friend who kept switching sides was enthusiastic in the beginning. It started to annoy viewers after a while. Despite the charismatic quirks of Crowley, Supernatural desperately needed to go back to its old glory days where demons were a problem. You either kill a demon or you make a deal with him. You don’t make them drinking buddies.

The Antichrist

The biggest problem of the season, Jack, or the antichrist, is going to take center stage. The Winchester brothers are up for a roller coaster ride as the devil’s spawn is not aware of his own capabilities. On the flip side, Sam and Dean have a neck of making the mess even messier. Without a demon on their side, sweet talks and deals are no longer a viable option either. Sam can sympathize with monsters due to his own past, but Dean firmly believes in ’shoot first, and ask questions later’.

The antichrist will be more interesting as he doesn’t know himself that he is a monster, but he has a gift of manipulating people for his survival. We see him doing it when he was in the womb; first with Kelly and then with Cas. But, Sam and Dean are different. They have some experience of handling monsters. It would be difficult for Jack to manipulate them.

A New Dean

Dean may no longer be the same Dean we watched in previous seasons. In the last season finale, Mama Winchester was dragged into the alternate world by the devil himself. Samantha Smith and Mark Pellegrino, both, are returning to the show, so we can assume that Mary is alive and kicking. However, Mary’s selfish decisions lately have irreversibly changed Dean.

A shift in perspective about family and blood is overdue for him.


Castiel's Future

There are lots of uncertainties about future of Castiel. Before getting stabbed by Lucifer, he believed that Kelly’s child would help in creating “a paradise without fear or hate”. Lucifer killed him when he tried to stop him from escaping the alternate Apocalyptic world. As Misha Collins is returning to Season 13 as a regular cast member, we can assume that Castiel is not dead.

Castiel will also explore a particular place this season where death is permanent - according to the spoilers - which means no heaven, no hell, and certainly no resurrection. It raised a question that why did makers want this limbo in the first place? Is it time to say bye-bye to the Winchesters who are very much immortal at this point in the show? Not a bad idea.

Earth 2.0: The Post-Apocalyptic World

The post-apocalyptic world will also be a part of the show where Mary and Lucifer will struggle to survive. Some old characters, who died in the real world, are also kicking in the alternate world. Rufus is alive, according to a stranger Bobby who didn’t recognize Winchesters in the last season finale. One of the episodes is titled as ’War of the Worlds’ which is conclusive enough that the two worlds will be affecting realities of each other.

Supernatural, Season 13, will premiere on Thursday, October 12, at 8 pm.

© 2017 Afshan Jaffery


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    • Tom Lohr profile image

      Tom Lohr 

      13 months ago from Santa Fe, NM

      I'm tired of the heaven and hell stuff too. I like it better when it was just Sam and dean killing monsters we had never heard of. Personally, I think the show has jumped the shark.


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