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The 5 All-time Greatest Fears of Most Men

Updated on June 13, 2014

Fear is ONE of the greatest emotion of most human beings!

What is fear? Fear could be defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm. It could also be seen as a feeling of anxiety concerning the outcome of something or the safety of someone, or the likelihood of something unwelcome happening.

We are afraid of so many things and that is the simple truth.

There was a time when I really wanted to cram into my small head the list of all known phobias I could find on Wikipedia and I was overwhelmed when I discovered that list was quite inexhaustible.

One other experience I gained from that daunting exercise was that what people all over the world are afraid of can be quite terrible, amusing and funny, terrifying, questionable, unbelievable as well as confounding!

For example, I was surprised when I discovered that decidophobia is the fear of making decisions. So some people are really afraid of making decisions…any decision at all? I know I can understand altophobia which is the fear of heights.

Similarly I perfectly understand the hematophobia which is the fear of blood and nosocomephobia which is the fear of hospitals and also pharmacophobia which is the fear of taking medicines or drugs. I am a candidate for these types of phobia!

I was confused and amused at the same time when I discovered that some people do suffer from erotophobia which is the fear of sexual love or sexual questions.

It wasn’t entirely surprising to me when I saw that there is sociophobia which is the fear of society or people in general. A lot of evil men and evil things happening out there could easily lend to that type of fear but what can I say about anuptaphobia- the fear of staying single and genophobia which is the fear of sex? For real?!

What are you afraid of?
What are you afraid of? | Source

I know about homophobia which is the fear of sameness, monotony or of homosexuality or the fear of becoming homosexual because I know that no matter what you might be thinking about the growing influence of gay rights movement across the globe, somehow we still live in a very homophobic world! I also know of necrophobia- the fear of death or dead things. Necrophobia is very real for most people. So also is phasmophobia which is the fear of ghosts.

I don’t know about you but I know I will always like to suffer from mageirocophobia which is the fear of cooking but please don’t ask me if I equally suffer from cibophobia which is the fear of food because I know nothing on this earth will ever make me suffer from anorexia nervosa - an emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eat.

But do you know that people really do suffer from gamophobia which is the fear of marriage, lalophobia which is the fear of speaking, nostophobia – the fear of returning home, phronemophobia which is the fear of thinking, leukophobia – the fear of the color white, wiccaphobia – the fear of witches and witchcraft and plutophobia which is the fear of wealth or chrometophobia (also known as chrematophobia) which is the fear of money?

I wonder!

Also, do you believe that some people do suffer from kathisophobia - the fear of sitting down and medorthophobia – the fear of an erect penis?

I wonder what you will say about medomalacuphobia which is the fear of losing an erection? I wonder what your reaction will really be if as a man you are in a romantic sexual relationship with a woman suffering from medorthophobia or as a woman, you happen to be involved with a man with the problem of medomalacuphobia? Both ways, I just pity you…

Now it gets really ridiculous. Some people suffer from pogonophobia which is the fear of beards and peladophobia – the fear of bald people. Please laugh with me because it is really funny. When I came across venustraphobia or caligynephobia – the fear of beautiful women, I stopped laughing and quickly pinched myself!

But when I came to the part where hamartophobia and hadephobia were said to be the fear of sinning and the fear of hell respectively, I told myself as I thought about it that the world would have been such a wonderful and beautiful place to live in if at least everybody suffered from these two very phobia, hamartophobia and hadephobia…Hahaha! Fear of sinning and fear of hell.

Okay, enough of Wikipedia!

That is not what this hub is all about. I did my own little research to discover what things most men are really afraid of which is what this hub is all about. By men, I will like you to think men first i.e. males only…and not men as a general representation of both men and women (but you can still extend it to the women if you can or wish).

I present them to you. Look and see where you or someone you know might fall in. Happy reading!


Most men are really afraid of commitment and responsibility. The reason is obvious. Commitment brings about responsibility which automatically calls for caring or thinking about more than oneself. With commitment comes marriage, wife and then children in that order.

They say commitment is like willingly giving up your freedom. They have come to see commitment as a form of caging and prison which you cannot easily break out whenever you feel like it. You now have someone besides yourself you have to start caring for. You now have more mouths to feed…to cater for. It is goodbye to the carefree lifestyle you used to enjoy.

No more shindigs and clubbing and hanging out with the gang as much as you used to because you are now a matured kind of role model who is now expected to act out the unwritten scripts and you have to be very careful not to make mistakes here and there all because you are now in the public eye, you are under such a great scrutiny, so to speak.

Some men whom I thought are now long overdue for marriage still shy away from that very one subject with many excuses but I have come to notice that somehow the underlying reason why they are not all that willing to commit is nothing but this troubling fear of commitment and responsibility.

Show me a man who is not afraid of the 'Empty Purse' syndrome.
Show me a man who is not afraid of the 'Empty Purse' syndrome. | Source


In a world where the universal language everybody understands is money, you should not be surprised like me when I discovered that some people are actually afraid of money and wealth i.e. chrematophobia and plutophobia. What are they thinking, such people?

I don’t know about you but one thing I know is that it is the lack of money that is the real fear! It is the fear of the lack of money that is responsible for the massive, merciless and brazen looting of national treasury by many African leaders and politicians.

It is the fear of lack of money that is causing many to even abandon their loving family and travel overseas or great distances just to make that money. It is the fear of lack of money that is making so many people to fall into the hands of many scammers who are also suffering from the same fear of lack of money.

Tell me, what do you think will make an educated pretty girl from a responsible family to go out in the streets to do prostitution or an able-bodied young man to move out in the night with a gun to rob knowing full well that he is risking his whole life? Chances are it is most likely the fear of lack of money.

Many people are trapped in their boring 9-5 work lifestyle every week day year in, year out but they can’t just break out of the vicious circle just because they are afraid of what their lives could look like if they ever start to lack money. Permit me to redefine the popular saying that money is the root of all evil. I beg to differ because, come to think of it, it is the fear of lack of money that is actually the root of all evil!

The fear of the death is the beginning of wisdom?
The fear of the death is the beginning of wisdom? | Source


This is known as necrophobia. I think this should be the number one of all fears.

Of all things that I know we can really be afraid of, necrophobia is top on the list because if you look closely, you may find out that all other forms of fear are somehow remotely connected to necrophobia! I read this quote somewhere and I think nothing could be farther from the truth – “the problem with the current world system is that this system has combined so effectively with science and religion to make billions of people tired of living...but very scared of dying.”

Yes people are afraid of death. We are also equally afraid of dying even if we are tired of living! I don’t claim to know the reason for this but I think it could be as a result of the fear of what we might find on the other side when we finally die.


Most people think it is the female human specie that is the most jealous when it comes to relationships but I don’t think that is entirely true. The truth is that the men are the most jealous and if you want to see the manifestation of this jealous tendency, then watch men in relationship and see how territorial we can get.

That explains that saying that if your husband cheats on you, pray that God will touch his heart and he will change; if you cheat on your husband pray, that you don't get caught!

A man will not think twice when he goes around collecting women like stamps but don’t ever try it with his wife or lover or mistress or even sister because you will surely see his fangs come out! My fellow men, why is this so?

Why is it that we don’t like it when we know that we have a very big rival in our romantic love affairs? Is it because we are afraid that we cannot handle the challenge?

Or is it because the girl in question will easily discover our lapses and numerous lies and easily place herself on the position of making choice as well as having a better option? Or maybe we know that if that choice is ever made, we may shockingly find out that we rank a very distant second? I just don’t get it…

No wait a minute; I think I’ve got it. I think we are just being what we are – men! Men who love to be in control all the time! Or let me just put it as it is really – men who are AFRAID of losing the control!

Maybe I should I call it rivalophobia, huh?


No man wants a cheating partner because no man wants a rival.
No man wants a cheating partner because no man wants a rival. | Source


This one cannot escape my memory because it is so true. It is causing so many problems to the extent that even scammers who promise a cure still get paid.

Yes, I know the fear of PE is among the greatest all-time fears of most men. What a disappointment it is going to be if after going all the whole length and breadth to get the girl into the bed and before you could say “hi”, it’s all over!


Then you look into her eyes and you see that type of look that you can’t actually place. Did she understand you were so excited? Or maybe she now knows the disappointment you really are? Whatever, one sure thing you know is that it didn’t turn out well for both of you...again!

So what do you do next? Out of fear, you run out there and you start looking for the next available performance enhancement drug or you simply stay away from that kind of game – in silent shame! Sorry. I know what this type of fear can really cause.

And by the way, don't just ask me now if I am speaking from experience…please.


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    • Emmyboy profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Nigeria

      I'm sorry KK, please what's ED again?

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      you did not mention ED. A horror for men and just as bad as premature E. At least women can make noises and fake it, if it is not happening....


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