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Five for Five

Updated on August 13, 2017


It has been a while my fellow hubbers. I decided to come back to the greatest writing community on the internet. And I decided to do a fun and easy read piece that came to mind. I wanted to dabble back into the cinematic genre. So I came up with the idea five for five. This little hub is going to discuss my five favorite actors and five different movies they have starred in, or have had a very memorable role. Five movies, five films, and a hub that I hope you fellow readers will enjoy. I am going to pick my favorite films from my top five favorite actors. I am also going to choose film roles that I liked, their greatest film role to date, a film that surprised me and I ended up liking and a guilty pleasure film. I hope you have fun with this piece of writing.

Here are the films

5. Robert Downey Jr.

My favorite film by this actor: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

A film I like from this actor: Iron Man

Greatest film role to date: Chaplin

Film that surprised me: Sherlock Holmes

Guilty pleasure film: A Scanner Darkly

Robert Downey Jr. never seems to have a bad film role. I mean he really does bring the laughs with the dramatic acting. He is definitely one of a kind actor who seems to be no stranger when it comes to blockbuster success. Plus, he really isn’t afraid to take a challenging role when there is one.

4. Johnny Depp

My favorite film by this actor: Edward Scissorhands or Sleepy Hollow

A film I like from this actor: Public Enemies or Donnie Brasco

Greatest film role to date: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Film that surprised me: From Hell

Guilty pleasure film: Benny and Joon

I know why aren’t any of the Pirate’s movies on here? Well, because I have not seen them. Yes I know, shocking. I do have them in my queue on Netflix, so this may change down the road. It was hard to pick my favorite films by Depp, because there are so many other great roles he was in. Johnny Depp seems to be no stranger to strange, weird, and frightful or just plan awesome roles. He is one of those actors who never seem to take a similar role. He is adventurous and that is why he is one of Hollywood’s greatest actors.

3. Edward Norton

My favorite film by this actor: Fight Club

A film I like from this actor: Primal Fear

Greatest film role to date: American History X

Film that surprised me: The Illusionist

Guilty pleasure film: Death to Smoochy

Edward Norton is a great method actor. He gets deep into his characters and makes believable performances that seem to stick around for years. He is an actor that can play a murderous racist to a gentle and kind hearted kids TV show host without leaving the audience bored.

2. Denzel Washington

My favorite film by this actor: Man on Fire

A film I like from the actor: Déjà vu

Greatest film role to date: Training Day

Film that surprised me: Crimson Tide

Guilty pleasure film: Unstoppable

Denzel Washington is one of my favorites for a reason. He is tough, charismatic, and spiritual kind of actor. Every role or character he takes on he gives the audience a 100% of the performance. He is one of the greatest actors in film. He can do action, drama, romance and even play the bad guy and you still love the way he brings he talent on the big screen.

1. Bruce Willis

My favorite film from this actor: Die Hard

A film I like from this actor: Red

Greatest film role to date: 12 Monkeys

Film that surprised me: Looper

Guilty pleasure film: Fifth Element, Hudson Hawk and Armageddon

Bruce Willis is America’s badass. He can take on a building full of terrorists by force and still bring the great one-liners and comedic lines that keep the audience entertained. He is one of the greatest action film stars that are ordinary. He doesn’t need huge muscles or an accent to prove that he can kick your butt, he just does. And it does take him a while to bring down the bad guys but he does it with style. Bruce Willis’ movies are always entertaining, even the ones that he isn’t afraid of taking a chance with. Ok, maybe The Kid was one role that he might regret doing, but come on who is going to tell him that movie sucked?

So that is my top five for you guys. So much talent in one place. I enjoy these films and I am sure over time that these actors could be replaced by newer, upcoming actors. But I think it will be a long while before these actors are replaced on this list. Please share with me if any of these actors are your favorites and if some of these films are ones that you would have chosen. Also, feel free to add any that I might have missed or have not seen. Thanks for reading and this piece will self destruct in five four three……..


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    • Fullerman5000 profile imageAUTHOR

      Ryan Fuller 

      14 months ago from Louisiana, USA

      I think Leo DiCaprio would slide into this as well as Tom Hardy.

    • Torrs13 profile image

      Tori Canonge 

      4 years ago from North Carolina

      Robert Downey Jr. is awesome! I can't imagine anyone being Iron Man because he fits the role so well.


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