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Three great family movie recommendations

Updated on March 28, 2014

Read on for three awesome family movie recommendations, these are movies which you could've quite easily missed on release but which you really do need to add to your DVD collection because they're some of the best family movies out there. Catch one of these movies and you won't regret it.


Monster House

Monster House is an animated adventure from 2006 which is funny, original and full of twists.

It tells the story of three teenagers who become suspicious of a neighbour whose garden is a place where strange things happen. After watching a series of creepy events unfold from afar including toys, trikes and balls being confiscated by the scary neighbour they then witness the neighbour being taken to hospital after falling ill. With the neighbour out of the way their attention turns to the house itself which appears to have a mind of it's own and they start to investigate further with entertaining consequences.

The adult characters are generally there to be laughed at, particularly the bungling cops and the babysitter's dopey boyfriend providing laughs for both kids and adults. Hidden behind the laughs there are also some messages about love and respect for kids to take on board.

This is an awesome movie, fun with just the right amount of creepy thrills it has fantastic detail and you'll still be finding new laughs the third or fourth time you watch it.

Best Bits - Amongst the stand-out best bits are the scenes involving Officers Lister and Lander the clueless cops. Adults will also love the comedy of Chowder's phone call home and the description of his family life.

Monster House trailer


Zathura on DVD

Zathura: A Space Adventure

Everyone has seen the movie Jumanji featuring Robin Williams where children playing board-game are transported into the board game and a world of adventure, the movie Zathura: A Space Adventure uses the same essential plot but with a difference as the two young brothers playing a board game find that their house is transported far out to space where they then have a series of adventures.

The boys find themselves having to rescue their teenage sister who has become frozen and have to battle a scary group of aliens called the Zorgons with help from a friendly astronaut who becomes stranded on their house as it flies through space.

The ideas are original with plenty to keep kids amused and there is some edge of your seat scariness as they have to creep around a house which has been invaded by Zorgons. The acting is great and the stars Josh Hutcherson, Dax Shephard and Kirsten Stewart have gone on to become household names with big movie successes.

The movie is based on an illustrated book by Chris Van Allsburg who wrote Jumanji and although it uses the same premise it does so in a completely different way and in my opinion is a better movie. A release date which coincided with a Harry Potter movie and Disney's Chicken Little made for a poor box office showing so this movie crept under many people's radar but it's still a fantastic family movie.

Best Bit - The arrival of the robot which leaves a trail of devastation in it's wake which threatens to destroy the house.

Zathura trailer

Dr Seuss' The Cat In The Hat

This version of The Cat in the Hat from 2003 is a live action movie which unbelievably only scores 3.7/10 on IMDB, this is one of the wildest injustices in the history of IMDB scoring, I would personally score this movie nearer to the 8 out of 10 mark. This movie was made in 2003 following the success in 2000 of another Dr Seuss tale The Grinch Who Stole Christmas starring Jim Carrey and in my opinion The Cat in the Hat is a far more entertaining movie.

Mike Myers takes the starring role as The Cat and turns in one of the finest comic performances of his career as he revels in the role of chief mischief maker playing the fool for both kids and adults alike. The supporting cast is excellent with great performances from Dakota Fanning, Kelly Preston and Alec Baldwin.

The kids, a young brother and sister are left at home with a sleepy childminder when the cat suddenly appears in their home. The Cat proceeds to virtually demolish their home leaving them with a mission to repair it before their mother arrives home knowing that Conrad will be sent to the dreaded military academy if they fail.

The movie is a laugh a minute with Myers rapidly mixing kids humour alongside jokes aimed at the adults in the audience. The movie is set inside a bright colourful world which has been fantastically created and it looks amazing.

IMDB you need to sort your scoring out!

Best Bits - The stand-out moments all feature The Cat, in particular watch out for the early sequence when he deals with the childminder, bins the fish and then has the kids sign a contract, joke after joke arrives and the acting from Dakota Fanning and Spencer Breslin as the kids is fantastic. My personal favourite is the pinata scene at the birthday party.

Cat in the Hat trailer


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    • Thief12 profile image

      Thief12 3 years ago from Puerto Rico

      Good recommendations. I liked Zathura, but I absolutely loved Monster House. Great film. I haven't seen the Dr. Seuss one though.