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Five of the Best Binge Worthy Anime Series

Updated on June 29, 2016

Don't Call Us Cartoons

Five Binge Worthy Anime and What Makes a Good Anime

Anime is one of the most popular non-live action mediums in pop culture, but do we really understand what anime is?

Anime is NOT simply a collection of animated characters living out their stories like in a cartoon. Most anime series or movies revolve around high school students dealing with supernatural events. These events can be anything from say, a basketball student being able to score impossible shots, a student suddenly becoming a chess wizard, or a student learning to become an agent of death. Anime revolves around topics that many "cartoon" series here in the United States are not able to address due to the audience age and maturity level. While some American parents may consider anime to simply be full of gratuitous violence, sexuality and other adult content, the following five anime series prove that the above stereotype does not begin to address how crazily wonderful anime can be.

1. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan (or Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese) is a dark fantasy/post-apocalyptic anime series adapted from the explosively popular manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. The series currently has 25 episodes, available in subbed or dubbed version. A two-part movie will be released alongside the second season, which will air in 2016.

So, what is it that makes Attack on Titan so popular and worthy for binge-watching?

  • It has a dark but engaging plot about teens battling superhuman monsters, known as Titans.
  • The animation style and voice casting for both subbed and dubbed versions are spectacular.
  • With the first of two movies soon to be released, this is the perfect time to catch up on all the action

Who doesn't want to watch a series based on teens fighting monsters and treachery from within? Sounds like the perfect combination for an awesome series!

Attack on Titan Main Cast

2. Psycho-Pass

Psycho-Pass (or Saiko Pasu) is a futuristic crime thriller set in 2113. It has a manga adaptation written by Hikaru Miyoshi, which runs under the title Inspector Akane Tsunemori. The manga currently has a running serialization in the popular Jump Square magazine, with over 380,000 copies of the series purchased in Japan (source

Psycho-Pass is based on Western crime solving shows such as L.A. Confidential, taking many of its themes and subplots from this style of television program. The director of the series, Naoyoshi Shiotani, cites hit movies like Blade Runner and Gattaca as influences to the episodes. The series addresses many issues encountered in modern society, such as the desire to live without crime, the desire to be without stress, etc., all of which have an effect on the characters' psychological connections to each other. These themes are very popular amongst the target audience of teens and adults and also pay homage to the themes of the Western crime thrillers Psycho-Pass is based on.

So what makes Psycho-Pass a binge-worthy anime?

  • Dark but realistic theme
  • Stellar voice acting
  • Homage to classic crime television and movies
  • Gorgeous animation and music


Soul Eater- 99 Human Souls, 1 Witch Soul (Gotta Catch 'Em All!)

High school is tough enough for the average kid, but for those powerful and fortunate enough to become a Sword Master (meister), it's much harder. This is the premise behind Soul Eater, a one season anime based on the manga written by Atsushi Okubo.

The series is set in a fictional school called "Death Weapon Meister Academy" or DOMA for short. Each weapon meister is paired with at least one weapon that can take human form. The weapon meister must capture exactly 99 normal souls and one witch soul (in that order) to transform his or her weapon into a Death Scythe, the Weapon of Lord Death, Master of DOMA. The series focuses on several weapon/meister pairs, including the title character and death weapon in training, Soul Eater, and his meister, Maka. While the anime only ran for one season (51 episodes in total), the series remains a popular choice amongst anime fans because of its hilarious characters and superb animation style.

So why is Soul Eater binge-worthy?

  • Hilarious characters
  • Funny, yet serious plot
  • Gorgeous animation
  • Catchy theme songs
  • Only 51 episodes

Soul Eater!

Black Butler- He's "One Hell of a Butler"

If there's one message to be taken from Black Butler, a currently two season anime based on Yana Toboso's manga series, it's to never underestimate the butler. The premise behind Black Butler is that 13 year old Ciel Phantomhive has struck a deal with his usually powerful butler, Sebastian- his soul in exchange for solving the puzzling murder of his parents. The series is set in Victorian Era England and features some very famous real-life people (Jack the Ripper) as well as nods to English literature's characters (Sherlock Holmes' Hound of Baskerville). Young Master Ciel works as the Queen's Watchdog to solve crimes while also searching for clues leading to the solving of his parents' murder and the fire that destroyed the family mansion.

So why is Black Butler binge-worthy?

  • Only 24 episodes!
  • Engaging plot
  • Dark, supernatural theme
  • Good voice acting
  • Nods to classic English characters
  • Sebastian's antics and impeccable dishes (one new dish per episode)

One Hell of a Butler

Blood+ Bringing a Whole New Meaning to Sibling Rivalry

The pop culture world is choking on vampires, but every so often, a good television or book series manages to breathe new life into the dead body of the vampire genre. Blood+ is a 50 episode anime that pleases the palate with a richly gory but satisfying tale of two vampire sisters, each born to be a queen but raised in completely different ways. The consequences of their actions, either evil or good, will change the whole world, not just their own vampire circles. Will Saya, the sister raised as an educated, well-cared for young lady, emerge as the victor, or will the angry, vengeful Diva, the sister raised in solitary, become the new ruler of the world?

So what makes Blood+ binge-worthy?

  • Very dark but satisfying animation
  • Stellar voice acting
  • Beautiful soundtrack
  • Provides a much more interesting ending than the manga series

Blood+ Cover Art

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But Seriously...


Did You Know?

According to several online answer sites, there are over 13,000 different current and completed anime series, anime shorts/one-offs and other anime-style movies in existence, with more being added each day! That means you could pick up a new series every week and still never find all of the shows floating out there on the Internet. Just another reason why anime is so amazing!

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