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Five of the Best Man v. Food Challenges

Updated on September 26, 2012

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be well versed in the adventures of Adam Richman, a 38 year-old TV presenter from Brooklyn, New York who quite likes food. Well, we say quite’s fair to say Adam loves food.

Adam, you see, was the presenter of a cult TV show called Man V. Food, shown on the Travel Channel in the States and Dave in the UK. If you think that’s some kind of clever title then think again; the show saw Richman taking on gargantuan food challenges across the States, often to win little more than a T-shirt and his picture on the wall.

Adam retired from competitive eating in 2012 (boo!) so Man V. Food is no more, but the show is as popular as ever, giving us all the chance to see (but not taste, unfortunately) some of the best food the US has to offer as well as wondering how on earth Adam manages to get all that food in his stomach without exploding!

In honour of Man V. Food and the achievements of the talented Mr. Richman, we’ve put together a list of our favourite challenges from the show.

Adam takes on the fiery Suicide Hot Wings for the first time...and fails miserably.
Adam takes on the fiery Suicide Hot Wings for the first time...and fails miserably.

Suicide Wing Challenge, Buffalo Cantina, NY

Adam took on plenty of hot wing challenges over the duration of MVF, with varying degrees of success. His adventures introduced us all to mouth-scorchers such as the Habanero and the Ghost Chili, a chili pepper so hot India has actually weaponised it!

Our favourite of the hot wing challenges has to be the Suicide Wing challenge, not because they were the hottest - because they weren’t. Rather, it’s the story that makes this challenge so memorable.

You see, the Suicide Wings were actually the first challenge Adam ever took on and he failed - miserably. So in Season 3, Adam returned to the spot of his first failure and took on the wings again. This time, he won. Easily. A true tale of redemption.

Stuffed Pizza Challenge, Randy’s Wooster Street Pizza, Connecticut

2 men, one pizza - just a standard Saturday night, right? Except this pizza was no ordinary pepperoni and cheese number, oh no. Adam and a pal, the mysterious Great Moomsi, had to eat a 22inch, 10lb pizza stuffed with more ingredients than we could count in under an hour.

They managed it...with a second to spare. Surprisingly, it was Moomsi who was the star of this challenge rather than our usual protagonist, even taking it upon himself to eat some of Adam’s pizza when he was struggling to finish up. What a hero.

Davy Jones Locker Challenge, Port Royale Grille, NY

A lot of MVF challenges are based around eating as much meat as physically possible in a set time limit, but the Davy Jones Locker Challenge was slightly different in that it involved eating as much seafood as possible in a set time limit. Hey, we did only say ‘slightly’ different!

Anyway, Adam managed to demolish *deep breath* 2lbs of Snow Crab, 1lb of clams, 6 shrimp skewers, 2 stuffed filet of sole, corn on the cob, coleslaw and a salad in just under an hour. He was only the second person to successfully complete the challenge, which isn’t surprising really!

190lb Burger, Mallie’s Sports Bar & Grill, Michigan

Not so much ‘Man V Food’ as ‘Men and Women v Food’, Adam enlisted the help of near enough the entire population of Detroit (including a Kiss tribute act) to try to take down this behemoth burger, which weighs more than the average person. They still failed.

If you fancy having a go yourself, make sure to save up your pocket money - the burger costs $2000! You'll probably need to call a few friends to help you out too!

The Big Texan Steak Ranch, Amarillo, Texas

The first ever episode of MVF saw Adam attempt to eat a 72oz steak with sides including bread and butter, potatoes, ranch beans, a shrimp cocktail and salad in less an one hour, which he did! Sure, this challenge pales in comparison to some of Adam’s later challenges (a meagre 4lbs of food) but it’s a good summary of what we love most about the show - awesome food served in huge portions!

What's your favourite Man V. Challenge? One of ours? Or something completely different? Let us know some of your favourite episodes and challenges in the comments!


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