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Songs that were played too often in 2012

Updated on January 4, 2013

I am not a huge music man, and when I do listen, I tend more towards the older stuff. The Billy Joels and David Bowies and Barenaked Ladies and ACDCs and Mega Man soundtracks. Y'know, the classics. There are a few modern songs I don't mind - my girlfriend has me listening to Amanda Palmer a lot, for example, and she's pretty peachy - but for the most part I stick with the tried-and-true material. Consequently, I don't listen to the radio that often, and I'm largely ignorant to flavour-of-the-week hits.

So when a new song starts to annoy me, it's because it's so big it has reached beyond the radio waves and infected the rest of life. When I know of a modern song, it has truly become a legend. I pray that I enjoy said song, but this is not always so.

Below are five songs that have breached my audio buffer in 2012. These were played far too many times. Chances are good if I heard 'em, you heard 'em too. Feel my pain!

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know

This first song is probably a bad example, as I really don't mind it. Sure, it's a little repetitive, but it manages to pierce the veil of pop and rap music that typically permeates the airwaves and delivers something deeper. I don't know if Gotye will be more than a one-hit wonder on the international circuit, but all power to him. He's good people.

Problem is, Gotye pops up too often, and it's a song that speaks to a certain frame of mind. It's a little melancholy, and not suitable to, say, a stroll in the park, or sitting down to a happy dinner with friends and family. It's mildly depressing, and whenever it comes on it reminds me that I should feel just a little bit down. And possibly covered in paint. Decent song, world, but reserve it for the proper moments, wouldya? Please?

(And yes, I know the song was released in 2011. It took a while to blossom, I guess, 'cause I didn't start hearing it until early 2012.)

Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe

No. No, Carly Rae Jepsen, I will not call you. I refuse, no matter how many times you ask me - and that's a significant number of times.

I hear you everywhere, Ms. Jepsen. In stores. On the bus. On the train. On TV. On the Internet. On one memorable occasion your perky voice floated out of my girlfriend's speakers in the middle of the night and woke me up, because, god help us all, apparently shutting down electronics is not enough to stop you. Your message will not be quelled, and when it reaches such titanic proportions such as this, yes, it's a bit crazy. Record something else to replace this already.

(On the plus side, Call Me Maybe has spawned some awesome online knockoffs. This is by far my favourite.)

Fun.: We Are Young

I realized, when researching this article, that I'd never once heard the BEGINNING of We Are Young. The first forty or fifty seconds sound completely different from the rest, despite having the same singer, the same general tune and the same themes. It's amazing what some background beats and an abrupt shift in time will do to a song. So I now respect We Are Young a bit more, as it's kind of inventive.

Still? It blasts the ears way too often - and, like Somebody That I Used to Know, it's kind of a mood song. More uplifting, perhaps, but not what you want to listen to when Christmas shopping. (Though a nice change from actual Christmas music. Egh.) It also makes me want to march, thanks to that addictive percussion, and marching isn't universally appropriate to every setting, you know?

Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger

This is from 2011! Why do I keep hearing it? Doesn't Maroon 5 have other songs by now? I know they do! C'mon, deploy them instead! I'm so sick of hearing about Mick Jagger! Dammit, Maroon 5!

... oh, wait. People complain about Payphone too. Yeah, I've heard that a few times...

Still. Mick Jagger. Stop talking about him. He's got some groovy moves. I don't wanna think about him all the time, though. I'm trying to read a book about Hobbits, and Mick would look out of place striding along with Gandalf.

PSY - Gangnam Style

As if there was any doubt as to the last entry. I seldom hear Gangnam Style on the radio, possibly because I'm almost never within earshot of a radio, but it pops up EVERYWHERE ELSE.

I understand the appeal. Silly dancing is infectious, and this particular set of dance moves is rife with possibilities for parody. It doesn't help that PSY himself seems to understand just how silly the video for this song is - indeed, he revels in it. That's most of the fun, it's supposed to be goofy. And, lord help me, the song itself is a little catchy.

(Only a smidgen.)

But Gangnam Style... it has been played too many times. It is parodied by EVERYONE. It is the horse that has been beaten to death, revived, beaten to death three or four more times, and then bred to create a dozen more horses to flog and kill. This is the viral phenomenon, ladies and gentlemen, and it carried PSY and Gangnam Style to victory over the world.

Sigh. At least some of the parodies are pretty funny.

Have I spun so wildly off base that you want to yell at me? Go nuts! That will give me something different to listen to!

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    • Geekdom profile image


      5 years ago

      Good list. So many good songs have been ruined for me because of my long commute and the radio over playing songs. Mumford and Sons are dead to me thanks to the radio. I remember driving to work and having one of their songs playing on 3 of my 6 programmed stations at the same time.


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