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Fixer Upper Facts You Might Not Know

Updated on July 10, 2017

Who are Chip and Joanna Gaines?

Chip and Joanna Gaines are a married couple from Waco, Texas that star in the hit TV series "Fixer Upper" that airs on HGTV. The show is based on the couple flipping houses together. Chip and the crew do all the remodeling, where as Joanna finishes the house off with her interior design work. The show has four seasons total currently.

The two met while Joanna was working at her father's tire shop.

Their Early Life

Joanna Gaines was born in Kansas, Chip was born in New Mexico but they both ended up being raised in Texas.

The couple went to the same college at Baylor University located in Waco, Texas. Although the couple did not know each other at that time. Joanna has graduated with a degree in communications and Chip graduated with a degree in business marketing. Which both degrees obviously have played a role in their business lifestyle.

Other Businesses

Starring in their own TV show is not the only thing this power couple does. They also have other businesses they are apart of obviously making them a very busy couple.

In 2003 the couple opened their Magnolia store on Bosque but later they closed it after having two children to focus on them. But no fear for the couple later re-opened the shop in May of 2014 but is now Magnolia Market At Silos. The shop is based on family home decor. The two also run Magnolia Homes which is their Construction business that opened the door to "Fixer Upper". They also have a bakery!

If you want the full Magnolia experience you can book a room at the Gaines bed and breakfast the Magnolia House. Which holds up to eight people, you can only stay for two nights and have to book the whole house and not just a room but I say it's worth it!

Personal Life

If you are a fan of the show you already know that the Gaines have four children that go by the names Drake, Ella, Duke and Emmie that are featured on the show a bunch.

On top of running all their businesses they also run a farm that holds more than sixty animals to date! Talk about a busy life.

You may also be interested to know the couple doesn't even own a television. But I mean, who has time to even watch TV when you run multiple businesses, are raising four kids and taking care of a farm.

Want More?

If you are interested in learning more about one of the most loved couples on TV today. You might want to check out the book "The Magnolia Story". This book covers everything you may of been wanting to know about this couple.

It has information from the meaning of Magnolia, their businesses, kids, their love story and basically everything you need to know about the "Fixer Upper" couple!


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