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Flower shows In Bangalore

Updated on September 23, 2015

Every year Flower shows are organized on Independence Day (Aug 15) and on Republic day(Jan26) in Lalbagh Botanical Garden of Bangalore.On this day different floral arrangement are displayed based on themes like Eiffel Tower, Sanchi Budha vihar, Kashmiri Flower boats. This display is a treat to flower lovers because not only flowers of different shades are used, different species of flowers from other parts of the world are also displayed. This displays are mainly to educate people about the plant kingdom and to develop interest in the future generation, which is a growing need in the developing Tech park city like Bangalore, where hundreds of trees are cut Everyday for the extension of city.

About Lalbagh

The Lalbagh garden is located in the center of the city approximately 4 km from M.G road which is famous landmark in Bangalore. This botanical garden has a record of approximately 1000 species of plants. Initially it was started as a royal garden by Mughal Emperor Hyder Ali in 18th century and completed by his son Tipu Sultan.It was called “Rose garden” as roses were the prominent flowers or “Cypress Garden” as cypress trees were planted near the boundaries.Spread over an area of 240 acres,it hold the distinction of having the largest collection of rare and exotic plants in India. Nearly 673 genera, 1854 species of plants are found in this garden.Among the botanical gardens in the East Lalbagh is considered as the best for its layout, maintenance, scientific treasure and scenic beauty.

The Lalbagh (lal means red in Hindi where 'bagh' means garden,a garden predominantely shaded with red flowers) has four gates on each side.The southern gate is referred as the main gate.The northern gate is fairly wide and has a long road that leads you straight to the glass house.

Tour map of garden

For your view
For your view | Source

Glass house

The Glass house itself a great attraction which is modeled basing on the London’s Crystal palace.(unfortunately the real crystal house was gutted down in fire in 1936). In this house the flower shows are organized biannually, where on normal days they are brightly lit in the evening for the enchanted visitors. Here a vertical garden is bedecked with more than 5000 plants arranged in different heights and widths in all kind of shades will be on display for a week from the day of celebration. Hundreds of Orchids, chrysanthemum,Daisies, Marigold,Cacti,Fuchsia,Jasmine,Geranium,Roses in unseen colors,Dahlias are all used.Here are some of the photos I have collected from the past three year’s shows for your eyes.

The flower boat
The flower boat | Source
Variety of  flowers on display in the deck.
Variety of flowers on display in the deck. | Source
The array of violets
The array of violets | Source

Other major attractions in the garden are

  • Kempagowda tower
  • Bandstand
  • Floral clock
  • Lalbagh lake
  • Pigeon house
  • Cedar avenue
  • Museum
  • Aquarium

A brief on their importance

Tower on monolithic rock
Tower on monolithic rock | Source
The night view of glasshouse
The night view of glasshouse | Source

Kempagowda Tower

Kempagowda, a former ruler of the Bangalore built a tower to mark the boundary of the place,and to watch the city from enemies, on a hillock in the garden.This rock is of great importance because which is a 3000 million years old rock called Peninsular rock, geologically known as peninsular Gneiss complex which forms the basement layer of the bedrock in(Gneiss)Peninsular India,means foremost bottom layer of earth in India. The surfacing of this layer evidences there was a uplift or tectonic movement in the layers of this region in the past.

The band house
The band house | Source
  • Band stand it is located close to the glass house is a popular spot for concerts, military bands and Orchestras. Before the construction of glass house the flower shows were conducted here.

floral clock
floral clock
  • Floral clock. On the way to the Glass house there is floral clock designed by HMT (Hindustan Machine Tools Limited)said to be one of the most accurate clock in the world. It is a seven meter wide floral clock set up in 1983 works on quartz mechanism.

  • The Lalbagh Lake is expanded to an area of 30 acres was the sole reason for the existing garden and it provides a splendid view to the garden.

serene Lalbagh Lake
serene Lalbagh Lake
pigeon house
pigeon house
  • Pigeon house –As Hyder Ali is a pigeon lover a small house was constructed with pigeon holes for the pigeons to rest and make home.


  • For the people who love to walk in the woods in the silent atmosphere there are two avenues, the Cedar avenue, and Mango avenue the name itself makes it clear the paths are lined by Mango and Cedar trees, which were imported from European countries for its faster growth.

The way to avenues.
The way to avenues. | Source
200 year s old cotton tree
200 year s old cotton tree | Source
  • Other facts of interest are a carbonized trunk of 20 million years of coniferous tree present between the band stand and topiary garden, and a 200 year old silk cotton tree.

For me Lalbagh garden is a wonderful place, has so many places to enjoy the beauty in its natural form and at the same time has innumerable scientific facts to know,investigate and preserve for the next generation.

Exotic violet Roses at display
Exotic violet Roses at display | Source

Enjoy the view of Lalbagh Flower show

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