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Foos Challenged by One Man Rock Band™. Already a Top 10 Hit on ReverbNation Charts.

Updated on March 4, 2016

FooFighters! meet King Kong! Still Shot


Foo meet King Kong Already a ReverbNation Chart Buster.

October 2, 2015. 11AM

Last week, a one man band known as “OneManRockBand” aka Scott Gerling wagered a friendly video challenge to the Foo Fighters, to write a "harder rock song about overcoming fear." To get the ball rolling, Gerling dedicated, and performed an original song, aimed at the Foos and posted it on Youtube.

Right now, the song King Kong!," broke the Top 10 most listened to, and downloaded rock songs on ReverbNation. As of this morning the song ranks #5 Rock song on their charts for most plays in the Rock genre. This is without any of the ReverbNation listeners knowing it has anything to do with the Foos.

In addition to the song's meteoric rise on ReverbNation, OneManRockBand has already surpassed George Lynch's latest release "Rescue Me." It looks like it will reach #1 based on it’s performance in the charts last week. It gained 7 positions over night. In short, the song is kicking ass and taking names all by itself.

Part of what makes this story so interesting is that OneManRockBand is one guy that plays everything, just like Dave Grohl did on the first Foo Fighters record. If ANYONE would recognize this kind talent, it would be Dave.

Gerling wrote the song, he is the audio engineer, did the audio Mastering, all the way through the videography, art direction and post video production by himself. The audio recording is radio quality, and the video is shot in HD.

A challenge by an unknown to the Foos (or any established band) is a one of a kind gesture. But the most amazing part is that the song is rising in the charts all on it's own, seemingly headed straight to #1. Heads up Foos, it's is gettin’ serious!

Check it out:

Youtube Video:

1ManRockBand ReverbNation Page:


What the artist says about his challenge to the band.

In a recent interview, Gerling had this to say about his challenge to the Foo.

"I am a one man rock band and the Foo Fighters have inspired my playing for so long it hurts. You can probably guess why. To say that I am a fan is a complete understatement. I am a mega fan.

In February this year I began constructing a song that became a video. It has taken me about 6 months to complete, and it comes with a message to the Foo Fighters. A friendly challenge with a prize at the end of the rope. I think the band might enjoy this very much, for many reasons.

In a recent interview Dave said: “If you are passionate, driven, focussed, and really f’ing good, people will take notice. It’s that simple.”

With that in mind, here is the inspiration that hit me months ago. Foo Fighters! meet King Kong!
I have been scared to death to widely share it thinking it’s just not good enough. But, it’s time for me to face my own fear with a fearless send off.

Thank you for hearing me out.

Scott Gerling


Will the Fighters Respond?

Will the Foo Fighters rise to the occasion and accept the challenge? That is the question.

If they did, this David and Goliath story would blow up, and BIG. It would be amazing to see the Foo Fighters rise to the challenge and give us some hot and sweaty tracks, bleeding fearlessness. This kind of stuff is right up their alley.

It appears the Gods of Rock may already be moving mountains, and remarkably so. King Kong! rose so fast in the charts it already seems pre-destined. That is an amazing feat all on it's own. Especially considering it's widely unknown monsterous backstory. The song is ripping hot, and the vid is interesting as hell, packed with a lot of punch. Gerling's performance is top notch, and dripping in sweat. It's everything Rock 'n Roll should be. Loud, in your face, and very Foo'esque.

This looks to be the making of the perfect musical storm, story, and drama all rolled into one. Fingers crossed, We see the finger of God ignite the music. C'mon Foo, where are you?!?

Beam me up Scotty.


More about 1ManRockBand

In a blog post on the official website I found this post regarding what Gerling calls his brand of music .Bomp Stomp.

The Meaning and Origin of Bomp Stomp Hard Rock.

Bômp-Stômp Hard Rock or simply bomp stomp, describes a style of hard rock music that originates from the sounds one makes orally expressing a simple rhythm. Where bomp represents the kick drum, and stomp represents the snare.

Description. "Neanderthal and from the groin." is a perfect description of what bomp stomp is supposed to sound like.

Bomp Stomp Theory. Bomp Stomp is uncomplicated. It's meant to be simple and straight forward. If the words bomp stomp can be rhythmically vocalized at a natural pace with sounding too rushed, or sloppily spoken, then that beat can easily be felt and grooved on by the listener. That is to create a physical motion by any part of their body.

Percussive Muster. The drum sound must cary great impact, and be revered as the core motivator behind bomp stomp music. The sound and impact of the drums is essential. They must sound larger than life. Like a fighter, hit after hit, solid, and hard, and loud.

Groove. The groove of the song must be simple and catchy. Songs must adhere to standard rock song structures, with little deviation for maximum impact. The bass guitar must solidly reach into the sub bass region to include a rich sounding bottom end, but not so much as to overpower the top end up to the air of the song. The bass guitar must be heard articulately, and felt thoroughly.

The bass guitar supports the foundation of the drums to add bounce, bottom end, punch, impact, and punctuation to the groove.

The guitar sound has a woodsy sounding loudness and mid range character that can be felt in the lower stomach and groin area. The guitars are the stars of bomp stomp. They are the attitude, and statement, built directly into the songs.

The vocals are the power of the song. They must be delivered with great force and enunciation. The key to unlocking the language used, and melody sung, is to first listen to the song, then repeatedly sing over it vocally. Many written ideas and approaches should be explored to extrapolate the best or most memorable version of the song.

Ultimately bomp stomp is a musical style intended to get people bouncing, and moving. It is made to covey power, encourage a sense of empowerment, motivate people into action, and project a general feeling of joy. Bomp stomp is a great toe tapping, body bumping, twisting, turning, dancing, hard rock dynamo kind of music. Bomp Stomp Hard Rock is unique and stands alone as it’s own musical style. -

1ManRockband ReverbNation Page.
1ManRockband ReverbNation Page. | Source

Band Biography

One Man Rock Band is an American hard rock band formed in Whittier California in 2010. It was founded by drummer, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, Scott Gerling (48) as a one-man project. Inspired by the likes of AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica, UFO, and Foo Fighters. One Man Rock Band video showcases its own aggressive brand of hard rock music.

Prior to the 2015 release of One Man Rock Band's debut EP “Power X," The band released two videos, "Highway Star,” (over 60 thousand hits) a cover song by Deep Purple, and an original song written about the death of Osama bin Laden called "We Will Never Surrender,” (Over 30 thousand hits). Highway Star was well received by the fans (as well as fans of Deep Purple) as it is a technically difficult song to play, and equally difficult to perform. Alternatively, We Will Never Surrender has been heavily criticized (and praised) for for the lyrical content that contains a good amount of jingoism.

Currently, the band is rocking “King Kong!” The single off of Power X.

One Man Rock Band’s Power X can be purchased from:
CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon

These wings are flyin'!
These wings are flyin'!


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