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Food For Thought: Subliminal Messaging

Updated on October 14, 2013

To better understand this article, I suggest you read my first Food For Thought article right here.

Remember, these articles are only to present an idea. It does NOT mean that the content is 100% real. All content in this article should NOT be taken offensively, and should NOT be taken too seriously.

Every day we walk past billboards, see television advertisements, see Internet advertisements, walk past window shops, and see advertisements. We are surrounded by them! But did you know that advertising has a dark, dark side to it? Read on, it's worth knowing about this.
Now, in my second installment of "Food For Thought", I will write about an advertising technique called "subliminal Messaging." To understand subliminal messaging and how it works, you must understand how the human mind works. The human mind consists of two main parts: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. the conscious mind is what we used to keep our memories. Your name, your phone number, your passwords, where you hide your teddy bear (don't worry, we all hide something!), everything! Everything you are aware of right now is because your conscious mind is keeping track of it. The subconscious mind, on the other hand, is what keeps track of things you aren't fully aware of. Let me give you a personal example. The other day, while I was in the subway, a person walked in front of me while I was busy watching a movie on my phone. The scent of the person drifted into my nose, and instantly, and I mean instantly, I knew who it was. It was a good friend of mine who I hadn't talked to in a long time. You see, my subconscious remembered who that scent belonged too. Even though I never taught/told myself to remember that that cologne scent belonged to my friend, my subconscious remembered. Our subconscious mind picks up small details like this every day. We don't realize it. Now here's where advertising comes in. Scientists discovered that subliminal advertising is much more successful than plain old advertising. Subliminal messages can be so subtle, yet so effective. An example of subliminal advertising, can be seen below:

Now, you may have not noticed, but almost all clock advertisements have the time 10:10. The time 10:10 is used because it resembles a smiling person. And a person smiling is attractive to the human mind. Subliminal messaging can affect decisions made later in life. Now, there's a conspiracy theory that major corporations use this technique to program people. Some of these subliminal messages are scary, so if you are sensitive to conspiracy theories and related stuff, I recommend you stay away. Okay. I'm sure all of you are still reading. So subliminal messaging can be used in advertisements, and also in movies. Disney is known to hide subliminal messages in their movies. Yes. Disney. And not just any subliminal messages; they hide sexual subliminals. Very scary. Here are a few examples of the content hidden throughout Disney's movies:

The word "Sex" is used a lot in subliminals.
The word "Sex" is used a lot in subliminals.
What do you see written in the dust?
What do you see written in the dust?
Speaks for itself.
Speaks for itself.
I don't have to explain this one.
I don't have to explain this one.

My childhood was torn into bits after I discovered this. Yes, this stuff if real. I too didn't believe it. But after looking at so many examples, I figured all of this can't be a coincidence. I had always loved these classic Disney movies. I was heartbroken. Disney has been hiding these messages in their movies for your kids to see. No wonder we have such a corrupt society today! These subliminal messages have started manipulating the minds of our society. Let's look back at advertising. Advertisers use sex to make their products appeal to people. You've probably already noticed how most ads contain beautiful woman dressed in attractive clothing. They do this, and do the things Disney does. Here are a few examples in a YouTube video by irishsolar:

So what do you think? Surprised? Subliminal messaging is a serious thing. Just think about. It can affect later decisions in life, and can give you a spot on the Jerry Springer show. Seriously. All the people who go on that show are people who are affected by the mainstream media. And the show itself is promoting hatred and crushing of relationships. And remember, you never know if you're watching something with hidden subliminals. You always have to keep an eye out. Subliminal messaging can also be used for Predictive Programing. This is where messages are hidden which portray something that will happen in the future. There are many subliminals which were implanted before 9/11 happened. These subliminal messages were planted into shows almost 12 years ago before the actual thing happened. Predictive Programming Subliminal are used and made because when our subconscious picks up those messages, we won't be as shocked when the actual thing happens. Yeah Seriously. Even though we had no idea it would happen, the subliminal storrd in our subconscious convince us that it's not really big deal because we've seen it before and therefore make us less shocked. This is a rely effective method. If you'd like to see some Illuminati and 9/11 related messages, watch this video by a very good YouTuber called FarhanK501:

The original video got deleted (hmm I wonder why...) but here's a copy I found.

Well there you have it. A brief look into Subliminal Advertising. Just remember that Food For Thought articles like these are made only to present idea. It doesn't necessarily mean that the content is 100% true. You decide if it's true or not.

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