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Michael Jai White Workout Routine

Updated on April 10, 2018
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I've written, contributed to several books on film, and worked in the film industry. I like to share the insights of the movie business.

For Better or For Worse

Before Michael Jai White starred in For Better or For Worse from 2011 to 2017, airing on OWN its third season following its cancelation by TBS, he worked on other television shows and starred as a martial arts movie star in some movies popular in that genre. In each movie, he looked totally fit. Michael Jai White movies on Netflix shows a mighty fine looking man.

Michael Jai White Movies

White's movie career started in 1989 with small parts like Alley Man #1 and Audience Man. His career did develop and gradually grow. He nabbed some larger roles in television shows like Jag and NYPD Blue. Eventually, he landed starring roles in both television and movies. One part is the starring role in Black Dynamite, a ‘70s movie that capitalized on the black people as stereotyped characters and an impressive fighter of crime.

Produced in 2009, the movie is a comical exaggeration of the typical black people in movies, which is similar to Dolemite and Trouble Man. Black Dynamite even pokes fun at these type of movies because, today, if you view them now, they would be considered demeaning. I am glad Black Dynamite pokes fun at these movies because they do demoralize the black race.

Years later, only White's voice starred in the Black Dynamite animated TV series. The series lasted for three years with the same type of characters in the movie. You can still catch some of the episodes on YouTube.

Michael Jai White Martial Arts Training

White talked to interviewers about how martial arts plays an important role in his life because it teaches him about accomplishing what he wants in life.

Michael Jai White martial arts training takes his acting ability to a whole new level. He talked about how the body gets conditioned as a result of what the mind is doing. Building his discipline and focus is important.

He can then shut out anything that he wants, so he can focus on acting or business ventures. He knows the importance of discipline because with it he can accomplish anything.

Action Martial Arts

In one sci-fi combat and action martial arts movie, White starred in Universal Soldier: The Return with Jean-Claude Van Damme.

In order to stay in shape for his role, he put himself on a strict diet of only protein and three gallons of water a day. He worked out on the set when he wasn’t shooting a scene.

He intensified his martial arts combat skills and stayed away from lifting weights. He felt weights made the body bigger, not lighter. He needed to keep his body trim and agile.

Best Martial Arts Movies

White starred in The Dark Knight playing Gambol against the Joker, who was played by the late Heath Ledger.

White played Mike Tyson in the movie Tyson. He received positive feedback.

Another movie he played a unique superhero in a horror movie called Spawn about a supernatural being who can kick some evil booty.

He even kicked some booty in Exit Wounds with Steven Seagal.

Black Belt Certification

White maintains his own persona in these action movies because he trained with several well-known Black Belt Hall of Famers. Who all have a black belt six sigma certification.

White flourishes on film and in life by learning and applying martial arts, and believes tying on a white belt compared to a black belt is a method of “looking forward to learning something new.”

White's Spiritual Journey

White identifies the spiritual journey of his body reaching maturity, As a martial artist, he is willing to come to terms with the spiritual aspect of being himself. He has talked to interviewers about taking the bait of just looking good is a disservice to himself. He explained that as a martial artist he intends to be the best he can be, no matter what else is happening. It is this philosophy that has guided him and helped him be successful.

White looks good in the reruns of For Better or For Worse. It will be interesting to see what his next move is in the industry. According to his IMDb profile, he has been cast in several movies. They are either in pre-production or post-production.

On his Facebook page, he posted, “I have some cool things planned for 2018 and an announcement of the first Jaigantic feature.” Jaigantic looks like his own production company that will make action movies. All in all, he still has a lot of kick and jabs left in him.

© 2018 Kenna McHugh


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