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For Us By, By Us Theatre- Chicago

Updated on October 13, 2016

Oct-Nov 2016


CHICAGO Oct-Nov 2016

For Us, By Us Theatre List-Chicago:

While there are a ton of great Chicago theatre coming in 2016-2017, we’re a huge fan of looking ahead to exceptional works presented by artist of color, and we are even bigger champions of the fact that representation matter both onstage and off. We at FOR US, BY US THEATRE- CHICAGO believe that people of color are traditionally marginalized in our society, and this marginalization extends to our arts. Representation matters, and telling diverse stories on stage is an important step towards racial equality, but it can’t solely be on stage where this takes place, we also must celebrate our directors of color in this industry who are tackling these works. Because in a world as diverse and complex the one we live in, the last thing we want is to lose the stories of a large portion of our people, and we certainly need to ensure that the narratives that we place on the stage are driven by those that can understand, appreciate, and are apart of the culture they speak to.

Below is a list of selected work by the FOR US, BY US THEATRE LIST- CHICAGO, specifically highlighting works written and directed by Artists of Color in the Chicago area.

OCT/ NOV 2016 Selections

1) East Texas Hot Links @ Writers Theatre

Written by Eugene Lee, Directed by Ron OJ Parsons

2) Rutherford’s Travels @ Pegasus Theatre Chicago

adaptation of Charles Johnson’s MIDDLEPASSAGE

Written by Ilesa Duncan and David Barr III, Directed by Ilesa Duncan

3) How We Got On @ Haven Theatre

Written by Idris Goodwin, Directed by Jess McLeod

4) DIRTY BUTTERFLY @ Halycon Theatre co-produced with The Blind Owl

Written by Debbie Tucker Green, Directed by Azar Kazemi

5) I Am Who I Am (Teddy Pendergrass Story) @ Black Ensemble Theatre

Written by Jackie Taylor, Directed by Daryl D. Brooks

6) La Gringa @ Urban Theatre

Written by Carmen Rivera, Directed by Miranda Gonzalez

7) Leavings @ Polarity Ensemble Theatre

Written by Gail Parrish, Directed by Ashley Honore Roberson

8) Parachute Men @ Teatro Vista

Written by Mando Alvarardo, Directed by Ricardo Gutiérrez

9) Colored Museum @ eta Creative Arts Foundation with PULSE Theatre Company

Written by George C. Wolfe, Directed by Aaron Mitchell Reese & Donterrio Johnson

List Curated by Redd Reynolds


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